Advice for Skiers - How to Stay in Shape in Summer

Just because the snow is only around for a short time period during the year, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop your skiing training for the next winter season. With a good variety of different cross training techniques, you can continue to improve your balance, flexibility, endurance, and speed for skiing during the summer. 

sking in summer- Tips to stay in shape in summer for skiers

Cross Training

You can easily get in shape on your own with a good variety of different exercises to work different muscles. Swimming and biking are two great sports that have a low-impact on the body but still allow for a great workout.

Swimming works every muscle in the body and you can get the specific workout you want by switching up the different strokes between freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly or just focusing on kicking or pulling.

Biking is great on the knees but like skiing, you need to have short bursts of energy while keeping balance around turns and curves in the trail. For the ultimate workout, look into climbing. Like swimming and biking, it is a low impact exercise that will keep your muscles continuously toned. 

Group Activities

Make staying in shape during the summer a group effort. If you enjoy camping, consider looking into visiting a national or local park for backpacking and hiking. Climbing steep areas at high altitudes will help strengthen your lungs and muscles.

Another popular outdoor exercise to stay in shape is paddle boarding. A very common sport to do while in the ocean, paddle boarding can either be done while standing up or kneeling on the board. It’s a great alternative to other water sports like swimming and kayaking.

You can even practice yoga while paddle boarding and this can be extremely relaxing because you will be outside in the open air surrounded by water and soaking up the sun rays.

Even if you are a skilled swimmer or hiker, be sure to do these two activities in a group for safety.

Advice for Skiers - How to Stay in Shape in Summer

Skiing in Summer? Yes You Can!

Just because the snow is gone, doesn’t mean you need to stop skiing. There are many alternatives during the summer to this traditionally winter sport.

Live near by a lake or river? Look into water skiing and because you are being pulled by your arms, this sport will help improve your posture and strengthen your arms and core.

If you live by a beach or sand dunes, try out sand skiing or boarding. For this activity, you will need the right gear and weather conditions.

Sand skiing and boarding are best after it has recently rained or snowed; otherwise the sand is too soft and it is very difficult to do this sport. Be sure to go in the early morning or late evening so that the sand is not too hot.

Keep in mind that the weather in summer can be too hot on some days to go outside and exercise midday or you might just want to try use exercise equipment.

Equipment at home or at the gym can be beneficial for similar or more specific results to continue working on your balance, flexibility, endurance, and speed. Either way, there are plenty of ways to stay in shape for the next winter season. 
skier carving a turn

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