July 23, 2013

8 Bridal Mehndi Designs To Inspire You

Brides in India are seldom imagined without mehendi decorated hands on their wedding day. On this special day, every bride wants to be the center of attraction. So with jewellery and wedding costume being the topmost priority, we often neglect the mehendi till the last minute and rely on the local bridal mehendi boy/girl for doing the mehendi design.

But this is not advisable as it’s also an important element of the whole wedding look and you need to pay special attention to it. There are many beautiful designs which would suit the needs for the special day. We at Stylecraze know that different people have varied choices and preferences, so we have put together some really diverse designs to suit any bride's needs. Just browse through the designs listed below and choose the one which catches your fancy.

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This beautiful bridal mehendi design looks quite different from the traditional bridal mehendi. It is a blend of contemporary Arabic mehendi trends and Indian mehendi trends. This is a great way to do your mehendi while staying up to date with the latest trends. It's a design with many details and will surely make your hands look stunning!

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This beautiful design for the feet looks very chic and apt for the bride. Being a bride, much attention will be paid to your feet during many traditional rituals. So this one will surely make your feet glamorous and ready for all that action. We love the unusual shapes and patterns and the design on the toes make it even more beautiful.

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This beautiful traditional bridal mehendi is very apt for the traditional bride who wants to flaunt an intricate mehendi design. This design has lots of detailing work and there are many small patterns. The designs are etched till the elbow and make the hands look very glamorous. Perfect for the blushing bride!

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Another beautiful design for the new bride. We love how elaborate the design is as well as how many details are present in the design. Designs like these are totally traditional with very minute details and traditional motifs. 

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This unique design features weave patterns that are quite in vogue nowadays, and this mehendi is done with black mehendi to make it more prominent. This design is only for the palm and will suit the brides who want small mehendi design for their hands. This is an elegant and classy way to decorate your hands with mehendi. This design has Arabic influences as well.

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This design is great for those brides who prefer full hand mehendi decoration. This design has much small details and an intricate design to make your hand look glamorous and ready for the wedding. We love the style in which the finger tips are filled with color. The design also features different patterns on both hands so that's an interesting way to do your wedding mehendi.
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This is a beautiful mehendi design for the hands. The design has many small details and the large design in the middle makes it look even prettier. This is a beautiful mehendi design for those who want a unique design for their wedding.

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This unique design is for the bride who wants to be in vogue always. This design is small in size which can be easily done for small hands. Those who want a simple and fuss free design for their wedding can try this design. Both the design on the top of the hand and the palm look quite unique and has small details in it. But unlike those cluttered mehendi designs for brides this looks quite different. There is a bit of space left bare on the palm as well as on the top of the hands. All in all we love the combo.

Hope you liked these bridal mehendi designs. Please do leave us your feedback!

By Chetana

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