Purchasing a Diamond Engagement Ring – Few Exclusive Tips to Guide You

Purchasing a diamond ring that too engagement ring is a daunting task hence needs precision, vigilance and a few parameters that are to be taken under consideration. Engagement is a special day of our lives and thus it is needless to say that we want to make everything special, as well as perfect on that particular day. A diamond ring is not just a gift but considered as the emblem of love that is given by the partners to each other. Hence, such an important gift should be perfect, unique and well-judged. Make sure that you would not take any half measures to select the diamond engagement ring. For this, you need a few tips and have to do a bit research. This article intends to help those who are finding it difficult to buy their engagement diamond rings.
diamond ring
Define Your Budget
The first and foremost thing is determining and setting the budget. Diamond is an inexpensive and thus the higher will be your budget, the higher chances you will get to select a perfect ring for your partner. Though, sometimes, we need to get things going within a limited budget and if you are the one amongst those kinds of people, then there is nothing to feel sorry or disheartening as you can still manage to find an exquisite antique piece of diamond ring within a limited budget range.

Know Your Partner’s Choice
Buying an engagement ring is all about taking your partner by surprise. It is all about making her happy and for that you have to know her choices precisely. This is a sign of a good relationship too – knowing each other’s choices and caring for those choices. So, when you will be at the shop to buy the diamond engagement ring, you have to keep in mind that you need to find something that your partner cherishes – it is not all about your likeness or choice. Spend time with your partner; observe the kind of jewelries that she loves to wear in order to understand the choice of your partner. Also you need to know the size of her finger in order to define the radius of the ring. Typically engagement rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand. The size of the ring is very important and you have to notify it precisely to the jewelry maker. If the ring does not fit your partners finger perfectly, all your efforts will go in vein and on top of that it will be an embarrassing situation.

Kind of Engagement Diamond Rings
  • Solitaire – This is typically single stone ring. The diamond will be large in this type of ring setup as only one stone will be there.
  • Side Stone – This comes with a diamond at the center, embraced with few tiny diamonds. This looks quite exotic and sparkling. Naturally, this sort of ring will be a little expensive.
  • Three Stones – As the name implies, such rings consist of three medium sized diamonds, creatively arranged. For engagement ring, this is a good option indeed!
  • Pavee – The main stone is circled by some other tiny stones to provide best look and eye catching luminance.
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  1. Diana3:28 PM

    Anyone interested in buying a diamond ring needs to know the four Cs--color, cut, clarity and carat.

  2. Chameli3:31 PM

    When you buy your engagement ring, it is a good idea to have the style in mind before entering the jeweler's shop

  3. Oumkar3:43 PM

    Buy your engagement ring from trusted stores.
    Get insurance for your ring.

  4. Oumkar3:47 PM

    Quality cutting is critical to a diamond’s value. A well-cut diamond captures and returns light through carefully designed, angled planes called facets. Cutting quality is rated on certificates as excellent, very good, good, fair or poor.


  5. It's really very important moment to pick out the engagement ring.Keep in mind the color,carat and clarity while buying it.Cushion cut is my recommendation.


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