Tips to Help Your Hair Look Like You Walked Off a TV Set

The ladies of television love the luxury of lavish locks. We sit and watch our favorite shows and sob in adoration of the length, thickness, color and style. "That couldn't possibly be all of their hair," you say. And guess what... you're absolutely right! The extension business is booming in Hollywood. Not only are extensions extremely pricey, but they're also very high-maintenance products.


The good news is, we have tips and tricks to rock your own 'dos this fall — Hollywood starlet style sans extensions.
It's Begins With Shampoo
When you walk into the beauty store, it's sometimes overwhelming seeing aisle after aisle of all the product options. How do you know what's right for you? First, buy professional products. Some of the more mainstream shampoos you find in the grocery store are filled with harsh ingredients containing sulfates, which are found in commercial cleaning products. Also, they are often loaded with alcohol that dries the hair and scalp out. Visit a salon, Sephora, Ulta or Beauty Brands for products worthy of your time. It's starts in the shower.

Wet Hair
Moroccan oil is the latest and greatest method for making hair soft and shiny. By infusing oil from the Moroccan argan tree into your hair, you are giving it medicine. It restores hair by depositing antioxidant rich vitamins into the follicle, then sealing it from environmental stress. It restores elasticity, detangles and speeds drying time, as well. Have fine hair? No worries. There are lightweight formulas that won't weigh hair down.

Blow-dry Roots
To get TV star hair worthy of the latest "Mistresses" you want volume at the roots. Start by spraying a root booster on the very base of your hair at the scalp. Take horizontal sections with your fingernails, starting at the top of your head, and blow-dry the root in the opposite direction of growth. Meaning, you want just your roots dry and to see your hair standing almost at a 90 degree angle off your scalp (like a lion).

Blow-dry Mid-strand to Ends
Run volumizing mousse or cream throughout the damp portion of hair. Use a round brush with natural bristles to blow-dry horizontal sections beginning at the nape. Direct hair upwards and point dryer head horizontal with hair strand. Move hair dryer with round brush simultaneously together down strands. Use a round ceramic brush at the crown if you have fine hair for extra lift.

Hot Tools
Lately, we are seeing curling wands in the hands of celebrity stylists. To use: Clip dry hair into horizontal sections beginning at nape. Split into small sections the same size as the iron barrel (approximately 1 1/2 inches is good). Spray hair with heat protection and wrap strand around heated wand. Hold for a second or two and release, then move up your hair.

For extra volume, after curling a section, roll into a pin curl and clip each section with a small duckbill clip at the base of the scalp. When done, it will look like you have a bunch of open circles coming off your head. Release clips after hair cools completely. Brush out (curls will bounce back) or run fingers through curls to break them up and make them look naturally beautiful. Back comb hair at base of strands and spray away. Spray with a finishing shine gloss.

You're a Star
Tune into the networks' hottest television shows like "New Girl" and "Pretty Little Liars" and cable TV's "Mad Men" and "True Blood," available at, for style ideas from the '60s through today and even from the world of vamps and fairies.

Heather is a wife and mom from the South who just sent her oldest daughter off to college. She loves to blog about arts and crafts, DIY and green living.

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  1. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Rub olive oil in your hair massage it thoroughly , leave it in for an hour. wash it out. When COMBING (not brushing) your hair flip your head upside down. ( like hang off your bed or something). Massage it in circles in such. Also use hair growth shampoo like DS Laboratories Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo. make sure you don't have split ends!

  2. Laila2:32 PM

    If you want your hair soft, you can briefly blow dry it, set them in curlers or pin curls them, blow dry, let them cool off, take the curlers &/or pins, finger tousle the hair or brush lightly to style. They will be silky & soft & shiny (for straight hair).

  3. use a good shampoo "I prefer T-Gel"
    Avoid straighteners and hair dryers
    take iron capsules


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