March 21, 2013

Shahnaz Husain Hair Touch Up Review

Hair root touch up products are a boon as they help cover those pesky greys that start sprouting in almost a week's time after you have colored or dyed your hair. They are several excellent root touch up products to choose from but we in India have to make do with Shahnaz Husain Hair Touch Up Stick. Not that it's a bad product, but as compared to the wide variety of products available in other countries, it's a poor imitation almost resembling an oversized Kajal pencil.

Shahnaz Husain hair touch up review

It's available in two shades, black and brown. I got the black one for my mom. She uses Garnier Hair Color for her hair and a hair touch up stick was the just the thing that she wanted in between her coloring sessions. She doesn't use hair dye as it's is linked to several health hazards. Semi permanent and temporary hair colors do not contain as much toxic ingredients and hence being the lesser evil are more preferable to a permanent hair dye.
Shahnaz Husain's Hair Touch Up costs around Rs. 240/- at her official site but I got it for Rs. 207/-  for 7.5 grams from an online shopping store.

Shahnaz Husain Hair Touch Up Black

What it claims:
An exclusive herbal preparation for touching-up the hair. Helps to conceal grey hair, adds lustre and provides safety from the damage caused by chemical dyes.

Ingredient List:
Ricinus Cumunis Oil, Cera alba, Paraffinum Liquidum, Copernicia cerifera (carnuba) Wax, Candellila Cera, Paraffin, Cyclomethicone, Cetyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-di-butyl Hydroxycinnamte, CI77226.

Directions to use: Touch-up the hair before going out. Easily removed by washing the hair.
shahnaz husain root touch up inside

As you can see, it comes in a lipstick kind of a tube and the packaging is quite sturdy. Very easy to carry in a purse anywhere.

My Mother's experience:
hair touch up color intense

After a week or so after coloring her hair, my mom finds a few odd greys at the roots. This can be very irksome as it's highly inconvenient to re-color your hair each and every time you spot a gray here and there. Moreover it's also not advisable to dye/color one's hair within such a short span; a gap of at least 15-20 days is highly recommended between 2 hair-coloring sessions. In such times, a touch up stick comes handy and does it's job beautifully. Before going out, all that my mom has to is check for any gray roots and just touch up using this stick. She has found that the color is quite dark and intense and covers grays very well. But while applying one must be careful as some of it adheres to the scalp. With a little practice and dexterity, one will be able to apply it correctly.

touch up the roots

The best part of using a touch up stick is that you need to apply color to your hair less frequently. Earlier, my mom used to color her hair only once in a month even if a few grays were showing up at the roots. A few times she tried to touch them up using an eyebrow pencil, but the effect wasn't as good. Now with a touch up stick around, she colors her hair once in 2-3 months. So much lesser exposure to chemicals and her hair looks good throughout sans the grays!

As per the Ingredient list, this Shahnaz hair touch up is not completely herbal but does have few chemicals (Thank God, the full ingredient list is mentioned this time, unlike her other product which I had reviewed earlier) . However as compared to a temporary hair color/dye it appears much much safer! Nevertheless do remember that this is not a substitute for hair color/hair dye. You cannot color your entire hair with it! It can only be used to touch up the roots. So don't throw away that hair dye!

By the way, if you cannot get your hands on this product, I do have a feeling that you can you use a Kajal/Kohl pencil to cover those grays, though you may find it a bit difficult as it is has a sharp tip unlike the touch up one which a flat blunt tip! I wonder why it it didn't occur to me or Mom before. She could have used a kajal pencil instead of an eyebrow pencil.

Another negative point of this touch up stick is that it's available only in 2 shades. So if you have colored your hair in burgundy, mauve, blonde or say light brown shades, you cannot find a matching shade for touching up. I wish more colors were available.


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  1. Kavita2:32 PM

    It helps temporarily but if u have grey hair it is a mess cuz grey hair is hard to touch up since its natural. Matching the colors is hard-so u may not wanna try it on a permanent basis. U cal also git temporary hair color

  2. I think mascara works much better.Though kajal works fine as well.Great review!Thinking to buy my mom one of these.

  3. i use kajal to cover my gray mostaches. it works well


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