How to fight hair loss with specific shampooing techniques

Shampoo Techniques to Fight Hair Loss When thinking about hair loss, you might think about how hair loss happens. There are many factors to hair loss such as: heredity, hormone imbalances, stress, diet, etc… What you might not think about, is the way you shampoo your hair. There are certain steps to take regarding the way you shampoo your hair when dealing with hair loss. The techniques needed to repair hair loss are being careful, conditioning, and maintenance.

Shampoo Hair Carefully Always, begin shampooing with detangled hair. This will help the shampooing process by avoiding pulling your hair. When washing your hair, sometimes you might think the more vigorous the scrubbing the better. This type of thinking can lead to a sore scalp, and hair loss. Shampooing should be a delicate process, especially if you are already experiencing hair loss. The chemicals in shampoo may already be damaging your hair, follicles, and scalp. Some of the world’s best hair loss shampoos are organic shampoos. Organic shampoos are all natural, and have minimal chemicals, if any. Remember, it is always important to use warm water, as opposed to hot water. Hot water can dry your scalp out, making hair dry and brittle. Gently massage hair as you shampoo, and avoid over scrubbing. Do not allow shampoo to sit on hair for a long period of time, because this too, can dry your hair out. Rinse your hair immediately after cleansing.

Conditioning Know How Some people might think that shampoo is all that is needed for hair cleansing. They might think that conditioner will only make their oily. This is not true. Conditioner is needed to complete the hair wash cycle. It also makes your hair silky and shiny. When using conditioner run fingers through hair from root to tip. Leave on for one to three minutes and rinse. With conditioner, there is no need, to rinse completely. Leaving some conditioner in can aid brushing your hair later.

Hair Maintenance After being careful to wash hair and conditioning, you need to maintain your hair. You should never comb or brush your hair wet. The hair is weak when wet, and is vulnerable to pulling. Cover your hair with a towel; the towel will absorb most of the water. Once hair is less damp, you can brush it. Avoid using a fine tooth comb, because this too, can pull hair out. Using oil such as: avocado, coconut, amla, or jojoba oil to massage into hair once a week can promote scalp circulation and hair moisture.

Avoid pulling hair up in a tight pony-tail, as this can pull hair, and result in hair loss over time.
You might not have thought that washing your hair, could be the reason for hair loss. It takes some know how, but once you are on a healthy regimen, you will notice a difference in your hair loss. Always be careful when shampooing your hair. Always use conditioner, afterwards. Always use good maintenance skills to promote hair growth. Follow these techniques and you should be on your way to lustrous, full-bodied hair.

Lacey Davis is a freelance writer. Lacey blogs about hair maintenance, hair styling, and hair products.  Lacey has thyroid problems (hormonal imbalance) she also blogs about her hair loss experience. To read some information like some of the worlds best hair loss shampoos and what kind of shampoos to be used, visit the site. Learn more about women hair loss to prevent it.

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