What’s the Deal with BB Cream?

What Does BB Stand For? Take your pick: blemish balm, beauty balm, or blemish base.

Wallet-Waster or the Real Deal? Is this just another beauty product that diminishes our wallets a lot more than it’s diminishing our beauty “flaws,” or does this product line really deliver?

Originally from Asia, the balms promise to (take deep breath here):
  • repair damage
  • firm elasticity
  • create radiant glowing skin
  • even out your skin tones
  • provide nutrition for your skin
  • block UV rays
  • erase wrinkles
  • correct the color tones of your skin
  • hydrate
  • conceal blemishes
  • eradicate global poverty
Okay, that last one was an add-on.

Whats the Deal with BB Cream
A lot of BBs are bank-busters!

But really? That’s one mighty powerful magical cure if this list is possible, isn’t it?

Too Good to Be True: Has there ever been anything that can cover a blemish? Any time most people use a “blemish cover,” it looks like they have a blemish that has been covered with a glob of make-up. No one is fooled, and after an extra 10 minutes in front of the mirror, that pimple is still there. It is simply the way of the world, isn’t it? Hey, that’s life.

BB Cream

Asia: The Asian forms of this magic cream get much better reviews than those that are now selling in America. Every major cosmetic line now sells BBs, and of course, in one of these tubes or containers, maybe you will find some form of magic for yourself, but really, the promises are just too big.
The balms and lotions aren’t necessarily doing any damage to your skin, but it is a tough sell to say that any facial treatment will deliver on that litany of promises mentioned above. Additionally, many of them are thick, goopy, and perfume-y.

BB, CC, DD: No, we’re not talking bra sizes here. BBs have been around long enough that they are now coming out with a CC line.

CC? Yes. Color Correcting cream for your face. Is it a Color Correction – or a Currency Crusher?
Save your money, folks. Or take that $20-$80 and go enjoy a Marvelous Massage, an Irresistible Ice cream, a Fancy Foot rub, or a Heavenly Haircut. The BBs and CCs need to take a DD (Deep Dive!)

Valerie J. Wilson is a freelance writer who covers articles on education, business, and health. She is also a freelance writer for Reputation.com.

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