Foods that make you glow

Beauty lies skin deep, right? I mean, everybody knows that. It’s one of the oldest sayings in history. We ought to never judge a person by their looks. And yet, the cosmetics industry makes a killing every year, selling their wares to women and men, keen on covering up blemishes, skin breakouts and allergies.
But, what if, what exists within can also reflect on the outside? Does that sound confusing? What that means is the natural glow of your skin, radiating health, is all tied up inextricably with the foods that you consume. Hence, another well-known saying comes to mind: You are what you eat.
which- foods-will-make-me-glow
Our skin is the largest organ of the human body. So, taking good care of it is a skilled mandate. What we ingest everyday nourishes not just our stomach, heart and lungs, but works its effects on the most visible part of us, and that’s our skin.

Most of the dangerous foods are easy to identify. The higher the fat, oil and spice content in a food item, the more harmful it is for your skin. So what must you eat or drink to keep that skin glowing? Read on to find out.

* Water: It’s the lifesaver to the rescue.  Water is a powerful healer on many levels. It refreshes and hydrates the skin, keeping it soft and supple. It is advisable to drink at least 2 litres of water per day, to derive maximum benefit. Water keeps many diseases at bay and,on the surface, ensures that your face stays clear of blemishes, pimples and acne.


Fruits and vegetables: Nature always has a solution for everything. Every fruit and vegetable has enough minerals which provide a simple cure for all skin and beauty concerns.

Citric fruits such as oranges, contain Vitamin C, which helps build collagen, a natural skin tightener. Papaya is another godsend since it, too, contains healthy amounts of Vitamin C and E. Vitamin E is a wonderful nourishment for the skin, keeping it young and vibrant.

Nuts, tomatoes and Green tea:
Antioxidants are an integral part of the skin’s health, since they effectively block the harmful effects of the sun’s rays and act as a natural sunscreen. These are found aplenty in whole nuts and the delicious green tea. A handful of nuts a day together with at least two cups of green tea will help ward off problems arising from UVA and UVB radiation.

Nuts Green tea tomatoes

Tomatoes contain an interesting ingredient called lycopene, which is proven to have antioxidant properties. Just a couple of tomatoes a day (cooked or raw) can prevent damage caused by ultra violet exposure. They can also be used directly on the skin, to treat sunburns and suntan.

Peanut butter:
Just as antioxidants are crucial to the appearance of the skin, Omega-6 acids are equally important. These are healthy fatty acids, minus the calories, which go a long way to building taut skin. These can be found in peanut butter. So, go ahead and indulge in that whole grain, peanut butter sandwich as a healthy snack.
peanut butter
So, watching what you eat has become more important today than ever before. With a plethora of processed foods in the market, containing high fats, sugars and weighty carbohydrates, it makes sense to turn ourselves towards Nature. The solution to healthy, glowing skin is right here, in your hands.
Summary: With the stress of daily schedules, it has become convenient to eat shortcut foods such as junk items, foods that generate high cholesterol and add those unwanted pounds. This is more harmful for the body and the skin than we can imagine. It is time that we turned to the good foods available at our fingertips, to make them work for us and set us on the path to radiant, healthy individuals.

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  1. Ninad2:51 PM

    Eat pumpkin soup you will loose weight if you eat it everyday for a week
    you can wash your hair with beer or lemon and it will sparkle
    you can eat jello or drink gelatin it helps strengthen you hair and nails. i think its gelatin or glycerol or something in it that is a protein.
    ps. the lactic acid in milk is what makes a milk bath or foot milk bath beneficial to your skin. it removes dead skin

  2. Sahana2:52 PM

    you feel really good after eating tomatoes. Whole grain is good, and Milk makes your hair (eventually) become stronger and shinier

  3. Satvik2:56 PM

    if u really want to feel good u should try yoga it brings out self confidence

  4. Leela2:58 PM

    carrots were good for your skin so you can try drinking carrot juice or eating them

  5. Bindu3:00 PM

    8-10 glasses a water a day..scrub 2x a junk food...lots of veggies and fruits...moisturize with just a little bit of olive oil at night :D sleep 8 hours a night...clean your face morning, night, and when expose to lots of gross stuff and sweat.

  6. Champa3:01 PM

    Foods filled with vitamin e is great for the skin as well as vitamin d. Limited amount of sun is good however too much sun exposure can damage skin and lead to skin cancer.


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