How to Look Glamorous in an All Natural Way

Makeup and tons of hair products have never really been for you. In fact, you've been much more concerned with maintaining that all-natural look, but you still want to look glamorous. How can you achieve that goal? Read on to find out - it's much easier than you'd think :)

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Let Your Hair Fly
Some women are so embarrassed by their natural strands and think that their hair looks silly if they do not put tons of products into it. Instead of spritzing, spraying and flat ironing for hours, just brush it out after shampooing and conditioning it in the shower. You might want to flip your head upside-down a couple of times to give it some volume. Driving with the windows down and letting the air dry your hair can bring some beautiful waves and curls out in the open.

Brush Your Lips
You are probably a bit confused by this suggestion, but no, don't reach for that hairbrush! After you are done brushing your teeth, you should take that toothbrush to your lips. Wetting the toothbrush with a little bit or warm water and then gently rubbing your lips with it can help to get rid of dead skin cells. Instead of having lips that look dry and tired, you'll have a pout that's both perky and perfect, by following this simple step each morning and night when you brush your teeth.

Drink Water
For most people, doctors recommend that you drink 64 ounces of water per day, but you should speak with your doctor about the plan that is best suited for you and your body. In any case, drinking water can help your skin to look clear and moisturized, instead of broken-out and dry. Having these fluids in your body might also help you to have extra energy, and you will be more motivated to get in some exercise. Obviously, when you keep your body lean and in-shape, most people would state that you look more glamorous. That energy you give off will be just perfect for your new glamorous look.

Just Smile
You might be really impressed with the power that a smile can have on your face. Take a picture of yourself smiling and another one when you're not. You are likely going to notice that you look more glamorous in the first, so try to keep this happy face on as much as you can. With this tip, you need absolutely no outside forces at all. You are actually able to use your body to bring more glamor and radiance to your style.

If you're convinced that you must use some kind of enhancement, start from within, rather than from the outside. You'd be surprised how beneficial taking daily vitamins can be for you. Furthermore, add some fish oil to supplement that boost. This will ensure that your hair, nails and skin stay as healthy as possible, in addition to keeping you on top of viruses like the common cold and flu, which can bring you down and tire you out. Herbal teas can also be a god-send - in addition to helping you get a good night's rest, you can then rest the used tea bags (followed by a cold compress) on your eyes to reduce puffiness.

Before you read these tips, you probably thought that it was impossible to look glamorous without using any products or enhancements. It's so easy though! simply employ these tips to look glamorous while still looking very natural. It really is possible to bring these two worlds together!

Miranda Tonnenfeld writes about beauty, natural health and education. Her best work is about getting certified in cosmetology online, part of a piece on cheap online colleges.

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    Your eyebrows help to define your eyes and make them pop, so it is important that they are groomed.


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