Hand Care Tips for the Bride-to-be

Even the most glamorous of engagement rings won’t be so dazzling if you’ve got dry hands and cracked nails. Expect your hands to be in the limelight once you’ve got that precious rock on your finger. Even if it’s not like BeyoncĂ©’s 20-carat diamond ring, your engagement jewellery will still be of interest to everyone you meet on the street once word gets out that you’ll be marrying soon. And you’ve got to be prepared to lift your hand to the world and show them your ring.

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If you’re not into the habit of doing meticulous care for your hands, it might take extra effort on your part. But don’t worry. There’s nothing in it that you can’t do at home. You only need to include some new items in your daily routine.

You need to know first that maintaining beautifully soft hands depends largely on your environment – in other words, the weather. Cold, dry climate will cause your skin to dry up faster than warm, humid weather. You can adjust the frequency of your hand care routine and the amount of product you use as the weather changes.

1. Choose hand soaps with moisturising ingredients. It’s true that you need to protect yourself from germs. But most antibacterial soaps contain ingredients too harmful to the skin. Use hand soaps with both antibacterial and moisturising formulation.

2. Keep a hand cream or lotion with you. First of all, if you haven’t been using any lotion or cream on your hands, start doing it now. Second, make it your habit, particularly if the weather’s getting colder and drier. It would be best to buy a quick-absorbing product with ingredients that are proven to arrest any skin problem you have. Some of these common ingredients are the following:
  • Alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids for dry skin exfoliation
  • Vitamin C and glycolic acid for skin rejuvenation
  • Shea butter for softer and smoother skin
  • Chamomile for healing extra-dry skin
3. Wear gloves. There are two instances where this is a must – before going outside on a cold weather and before doing household chores.

4. Before stepping out the door on a cold day - Apply some hand lotion or cream. Wait a few minutes before wearing your fall or winter gloves and going out.

5. Before washing dishes, gardening or doing similar activities - Apply hand lotion or cream and wait a few minutes. Wear your rubber gloves and do your chores.

6. Have an intensive hand care treatment. This is something you can do at home, and it’s advisable that you do this weekly – particularly if you haven’t been using any hand moisturiser at all.

You can use complete hand care treatment packages you can buy from drugstores, beauty shops and supermarkets. Or before you sleep at night, you can just apply some lotion or cream on your hands and let your hand absorb the product for a few minutes. Wear cotton or spa gloves and remove them only when you wake up in the morning.

These are fast and effective hand care procedures that you can easily do. You’ll not only have softer, smoother hands, but also healthier nails. You’ll definitely be ready to show off your lovely ring in no time.

About the author Victoria Whitely has been working in the health and beauty industry for more than a decade now. Through her writing, she shares her passion for cosmetics and beauty accessories. She has also recently contributed about events, weddings and engagement rings.

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