Top 5 Makeup Must-Haves for the Gym

If given a choice, most of us would work out in a fully-equipped home gym so as to avoid waiting for machines and worrying about the image we're presenting to the public. When you exercise at home, nobody cares if your hair is unwashed or you're wearing your raggy, old sweats. Unfortunately, finding the space in your home (and your budget) for this kind of upgrade isn't possible for most people, which means you're stuck hitting the gym if you want access to all manner of machinery, weights, and instructors. So even though you might not want to put on a full face of makeup when you work out, chances are that you don't want every splotch, spot, and imperfection on display when you're under public scrutiny, either. So if you're going to wear makeup one way or another, here are just a few cosmetic solutions that you might want to consider.

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  1. Primer. Most women go minimal on makeup when they plan to sweat to the oldies, for obvious reasons. But if you just don't feel comfortable without your makeup when you leave the house, at least start your routine with a primer. This step will help to keep your makeup from being absorbed into pores, and the barrier between skin and makeup may also stop excess oils from escaping. Of course, it's not going to put the brakes on sweating, but it should help, to some degree, to keep your makeup from melting off your face, provided you go light on the cosmetics.
  2. Tinted moisturizer. A full lineup of foundation, concealer, powder, and more is okay for the day-to-day, but when you're working out you probably don't want to pile on the products. But if you aren't keen to go totally bare, either, consider using a tinted moisturizer when you exercise instead of the whole kit and caboodle. These products provide light coverage but soak into skin so that you're not getting a full face worth of makeup on the towel every time you dab away sweat.
  3. Waterproof mascara. If you're determined to wear eye makeup to the gym, you might want to stick to the basics. A swipe of waterproof mascara will give you the no-budge lashes you prefer without the potential for a muddy mess seeping into your eyes. Skip the shadows and liners, which will end up smearing, smudging, and even dripping down your face as you sweat and simply opt for the lush lashes that will help your eyes pop.
  4. Lip balm. When you're breathing heavily on the treadmill or weight bench your lips are bound to get a bit dry. But choosing the right product can be tricky. While stains are certain to stay put, they won't add any moisture. And hydrating lipsticks and glosses can quickly get cakey or gummy when you're breathing through your mouth. Balms are your best bet; they can give you the pretty pout you want without the hassles of other products. You'll get the tint and protection you crave sans the sticky mess of other options.
  5. Makeup remover towelettes. Whether you wipe off your makeup before or after your workout, having some cleansing towelettes at the ready allows you to easily remove all the oil, bacteria, and cosmetics that can infiltrate your pores and lead to breakouts. And you don't have to pay beaucoup bucks for these handy beauty wipes, either - you can find amazing quotes on prices online and at your local pharmacy.
(Written by Carol)

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