How to Get Silky Shiny Hair Without It Looking Greasy

All of us have seen a hair commercial featuring a woman with long, thick and shiny hair that has caused us to be secretly envious of her. That's because out of all of the outfits we may buy and accessories that might we choose to wear, nothing can complement our appearance quite like some beautiful locks can.

shiny hair
If you've been looking for some ways to achieve having the look of silky hair, the kind that appear shiny without looking greasy, we have five quick and easy tips for you below:

 Eat well. One thing that's important to remember is that the kind of foods you eat, play a significant role in how your strands will appear. Being that hair is made up of keratin and that is a certain kind of protein, make sure that your diet has plenty of salmon, poultry, eggs, lentils and yogurt in it. Also keep in mind that citrus fruits are full of Vitamin C and that is a vitamin that helps to form collagen in the body, which also produces shiny-looking hair too.

Use a clarifying shampoo. If you tend to use a lot of hair products, that can lead to a significant amount of build up over time. You can remove that by washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Paul Mitchell and even Suave make clarifying shampoos. Or, you can use the shampoo that you already have, follow it up with a final wash consisting of a cup of apple cider vinegar and then rinse it out with water for the same (clarifying) results.

Deep condition your hair. While you probably already know that it's important to condition your hair every time that you wash it, what you may not be aware of is that it's a good idea to deep condition it with some kind of oil, at least once per month as well. The great thing about using a deep conditioning treatment is that it works to restore any moisture that you might have lost due to the weather or using your blow dryer or flat iron to style your hair. Although there are many commercial products that you can use, two wonderful oils that you probably already have in your pantry are coconut and olive oil. All you have to do is warm up 2-4 tablespoons in the microwave for about 30 seconds, apply it to the hair, leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse
Rinse your hair in cool water. It definitely feels more soothing to wash your hair in really warm water. The challenge is that when you do, the heat tends to bond with your hair's cuticles, which prevents them from laying smoothly. For the most part, it's OK to wash your hair in warm water, but when it comes time for your final rinse, make sure to do it in cooler temperature. It will help to close up your pores and also lock in the effects of your hair's conditioning treatment to your hair follicles.

Have your ends trimmed. If you downloaded some free salon software for some hair maintenance tips, one that you would definitely notice is that it's important to get your hair trimmed. Although a lot of people feel that if they trim their hair on a regular basis, they will lose length, the reality is that if your ends are brittle or split, your hair will look very dry and dull. A good trim once every 4-6 weeks (of about ½ inch) will keep your hair looking both beautiful and manageable. It will also ultimately play a role in you maintaining long-term, shiny hair length.

(Written by Carol)

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