The Modern History of Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used throughout history on an on-again-off-again basis. At times, they fall out of general use as newer technologies and ideas distract people from their beneficial properties. But they’re just too useful to ignore and they always see a resurgence. No matter what new developments come along, the healing and aromatic properties of essential oils are impossible to ignore for long.

During the Renaissance, essential oils were widely used to treat patients holistically, but new medical developments in the 1800s curbed their popularity. At the late end of that century, scientists began to discover that they could replicate the benefits of natural remedies using synthetic products. The public was won over to this idea of medicine and synthetic drugs are still widely used today. Not everyone continues to use synthetics in every case though and essential oils were already making a steady comeback by the early 1900s.

France set the scene for the resurgence of essential oils, and the movement gained steam in 1910 when Dr. Rene-Maurice Gattefosse made an enlightening discovery. He had burned his hand badly while working in his laboratory and sought relief from the closest substance at hand, a jar of lavender oil. The relief that he immediately felt and the enhanced healing that was soon to follow prompted Dr. Gattefosse to invest further research into the healing properties of essential oils.

By the time World War I came around, medical personnel were using essential oils to treat wounds because of their antiseptic and antibacterial advantages. It was again a French doctor who showcased the potential successes of essential oils when he used them to treat battlefield injuries during World War II. His name was Dr. Jean Valnet, and one of his students, Jean Lapraz, went on to discover that there were many microbes that could not survive in the presence of some essential oils.

Word of the work being done by these French doctors spread and by the 1980s Americans were ready to learn more about essential oils. Now everyone seems to know what essential oils are and how they can be used. Hospitals and medical clinics have again begun to use essential oils when treating patients, and there are moms all across the country that are grateful to have them in their medicine cabinets when their kids get sick. Even though the benefits of essential oils may sometimes be forgotten or fall out of style, history proves that they’re just too valuable to stay away for long.

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  1. Guruji3:08 PM

    Castor oil mixed with almond oil and massaged on regular basis and washed is highly recommended for hair growth.

  2. Kusuma3:09 PM

    Lavender oil has been shown to increase hair growth so massage the oil once a week and soak for 30 minutes before washing.


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