What Makes Natural Beauty Products Better For You?

All women, no matter their age want to look and feel beautiful. For years beauty products have been designed to go on thick, cover up, and mask a women’s natural palette. In order to rise above this chemically altered, sometimes animal tested muck, a woman needs to be on alert when it comes to taking care of her skin. The earth thrives on its natural abilities of rejuvenation and renewal. The beauty products you choose should be able to do this for you too.

natural beauty products
Ingredients There are a lot of products on the market today that are full of things you do not want to put on your face. Ingredients that you want to stay away from are alcohol that dries you out and glycerin that can clog and make you feel greasy. This can make your skin even worse if used over time. Also, stay away from chemicals like fragrances or dyes that can aggravate your skin.

The a few natural ingredients to look for in a high-quality beauty product are honey, citrus, chamomile, or rose. These ingredients are non-irritating and can even hydrate the skin. You want light ingredients that feel natural, and give you a healthy glow.

Quality Control When choosing a product, you will know it’s not natural if it contains lead, aluminum, or mercury or other heavy metals. This is not what you want to put on your face or rub you’re your skin. They could cause harmful reactions, like cancer, dermatitis, metabolic changes, or even diabetes.

Accurate quality control should be performed and effective tests should insure that these potentially harmful things do not end up in your cosmetics or skin care products. It’s also good to use products that complement each other, usually from the same manufacture.

Read the Labels You must read the labels of the products you are going to use, no matter if it’s face wash, makeup, or lotion. There may be something in it that you could be allergic too. Also, it’s good to know the difference between a skin care product that reads natural ingredients or organic ingredients.

It depends on the percentage of organic substance used that determines how it will be labeled. A natural ingredient can be something as simple as water. If there is a USDA organic seal than you know that the contents have been certified genuine and come from reliable natural sources.

Daily Skin Care You need to get into the habit of washing and moisturizing your face every day, at least twice a day. You also need to understand what type of skin you have before you go out and buy all kinds of skin care products. Is your face oily? Do you suffer from dry patches? Take to a qualified dermatologist who can help you choose the best product to keep your skin healthy.

Be gentle on your skin. If you need to exfoliate, try a natural product that will remove dead skin and soften without harsh scrubbing. If you are interested in a certain product do not hesitate to email the company and ask for a sample. Take care of your skin by using natural products that are safe and gentle. You skin will look and feel radiate longer.

Byline: An extremely active person, with a background in the fitness field, Nicole Stout currently works for DrVita.com. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, DrVita is a leading manufacturer and online retailer of supplements, diet products, health drinks and much more.

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  1. Kedar2:40 PM

    instead of buying exfoliating products, u can mix sugar in with the soap that u use in the shower, it cleanses good and doesn't make u sticky.u can also use it w/out mixing it with soap.

  2. Geeta2:43 PM

    natural food beauty products is a very good idea. i.e. oatmeal mixture baths for dry skin.. natural facials. etc..


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