How To Start A Career In The Beauty Industry

Nowadays, people are more and more concerned about their physical appearance. This is largely because thanks to technological advances, the demand for aesthetic fixes cannot be denied to the public.

The fitness, cosmetic and  fashion industries have become strong forces, with hundreds of brands and corporations fighting for consumer dollars. Fortunately, this burgeoning field provides many career opportunities for those who are interested and qualified.

But starting a career in the beauty business is something you cannot merely prepare for overnight. Here's what you should know.

Possible Professions

Pursuing a career in the beauty industry gives you a unique mix of opportunities.

A well-trained professional with all the right credentials can begin his/her career as a beauty salon manager, assistant manager, salon director, beauty therapist, adviser, receptionist, fitness instructor, spa director, masseuse, cosmetics sales director, hair stylist, etc.

Because people have different needs and preferences, different professionals have emerged over time. Before starting a career in the beauty industry, it is imperative to find the most suitable profession for your skill set and interests.

Typically, positions in the beauty industry are divided into four discrete groups - sales and advertising, product design, technicians, and management. Depending on several factors including training, education, and exam results during application, you will be assigned to one of these four areas.

beauty industry

Education and Training

Training for a career in the beauty department involves tertiary coursework and technical education. For beauty technicians, programs and a state license in cosmetics artistry, spa utilities, aesthetics, and cosmetology are necessary for most job positions.

US-based state-mandated training courses for cosmetologists and barbers need at least 9 months of training in some parts of the country.

Meanwhile, for students interested in a career in cosmetics management, a bachelor's degree comprised of coursework in advertising, business management, and perhaps chemistry are necessary for employment and career growth.

Employment Outlook

Based on the Occupational Outlook Handbook, positions in the beauty industry can expect a high level of growth as opposed to other industries, specifically 12% in the next few years.

While competition is overwhelmingly high, career opportunities will presumably rise because of the latest advancements in beauty, as well as demand for trained beauty professionals.

Direct Selling

Direct selling of beauty products is a great alternative for a career in the industry. Millions of positions are opened by prominent direct selling companies around the globe almost annually.

With only a small cost to pay to become a member of these sales companies, home-based entrepreneurs and former business managers can set up their work in the comforts of their own home.

For people searching for a more conventional path towards a career in the beauty industry, retail selling is another possible way, so is getting technical beauty courses, or applying as a brand director for massive corporations.

If you are really interested in certain fields of beauty, such as cosmetic products and fashion, enlist in an accepted program as early as possible. Get as much experience as you can to gain a competitive advantage against fellow applicants.

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