3 Best Airbrush Makeup Tips

Airbrush makeup has changed the way women think about makeup. It is true that most women are strong advocators of time saving makeup. However, when they compare the results of airbrush makeup with other makeup techniques, they are left speechless. A properly done cosmetic airbrush makeup gives you a natural look with the thinnest layer of makeup possible. It is not even a new thing in the makeup world because professional makeup artists have been using it since the last decade.

However, the new advancement in airbrush makeup is the personal kits that are available to people now. It is not like any other makeup you have ever used, which is why you need to get the technique right. The following tips will guide you through it –

1. Prepare Your Skin – This is the most important point and must not be ignored under any circumstances. Always wash your face properly before you start with your makeup and apply your choice of moisturizer. For people with oily skin, the moisturizer should be replaced by a toner that will balance the pH. This will smooth out your skin and remove any dry patches that could cause problems during your makeup.
You see, airbrush makeup would fail if there is any dry uneven area on your skin as it will clump there. This is why preparing your skin is necessary.

2. Properly Clean Your Tools Of Airbrushing – An important tip which, if not followed, can ruin all your hard work. You have to ensure that the tools are perfectly cleaned otherwise the makeup will not flow out effortlessly. The nozzle needs to be clear for the liquid spray to come out in even amounts. Also ensure that your nozzle does not contain any hardened makeup residue after and before you use it and is squeaky clean.
You should always refer to the manual while you clean your airbrush gun. The compartment that holds the liquid inside the airbrush gun should receive your special attention. For best results, fill the compartment with warm water to loosen and clean hardened and clogged up makeup residue. Test spray with water to be sure that there is nothing left to be cleaned. Still, it is always prudent to spray some makeup on the back of your hand before you apply it to your face and body.

3. Applying The Makeup – There is a proper technique to hold the airbrush gun which could influence the way your finished results turn out. First and foremost, hold it several inches away from your skin while you spray it. The distance should usually be around 6 to 10 inches. The motion to be used while spraying is a side to side one and it should be done quickly. Also, never spray directly over your skin or you will get blotches.
It is true that airbrushing can be a bit pricey but the results are well worth your money. Also, if you research a bit, there are many affordable alternatives available in the market.

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  1. Always apply concealer first! If you conceal over the top of the airbrush foundation you will ruin the airbrushed areas.

  2. Ruchi2:31 PM

    When mixing makeup for your gun, the consistency should be similar to that of milk.

  3. Keeping your kit clean is essential if you are using an airbrush gun as a clogged nozzle will affect the coverage

  4. For a natural look, spray quickly over the area. By doing this you are able to build coverage to suit your needs


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