Fitness And The Busy Woman

Women have a ways to go to attain parity on the pay scale but the progress is impressive. And, people are noticing! The European Union now “tracks gender gap pay” through its European Employment Strategy (EES). There are still imbalances but over the last ten years women have risen to the occasion and corporations are taking notice.

According to the US Department of Labor, even more progress has been made in the states. According to the 2010 Census, there were 123 million women over the age of 16. 72 million of these women were employed. Impressive! 73 percent of these women had full-time jobs. The largest single classification of these jobs was management.

This unified effort is gratifying. It requires a special commitment. Women have become the masters of multi-tasking. In order to multi-task with purpose, women have learned that a healthy body and a healthy mind are great building blocks. Today’s women eat smarter and exercise more responsibly than women of any other generation.

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No, it is not always easy. In fact, fitness can be downright challenging. But, the women who master this pursuit succeed at other pursuits as well. Recently, Fitness Magazine paid tribute to the busy, working woman. Below are a few pertinent pointers that women can use to ensure the health and fitness required to be successful at work and at home.

Start the Day – Your mind and body are fresh in the morning. By eating a healthy breakfast and get a good morning workout, you will not believe how productive and energetic the rest of your day will be. The University of Glasgow in Scotland performed a study showing that early workouts were more invigorating and had more positive effects than later day workouts.

Take The Locker – If your fitness center offers a locker, sign up for it. Keeping a few cosmetics and a few outfits in the locker gives you plenty of flexibility. After a quick shower and presenting a fresh you, you will enjoy a comforting radiance.

Make the Plan – Busy women plan ahead. That means everything. The woman with a plan can insert her daily workout into a schedule. Consider this time slot booked just as you would for a meeting. If you have to change the time, be sure to find a place for it in your busy schedule.

Workout Pal – Workout partners provide support and reinforcement. Fitness Magazine recommends your partner not be a close friend but someone who would not take kindly to being stood up. No more quick e-mail cancellations.

Use The Stairs – At home or work, forget the elevator and use the stairs as long as it is practical. Technology is great but workplace exercise is becoming less required. Make up for it by using the stairs.

Get Outdoors – Walk outside to and from lunch. Park safely but a fair distance so that your get a little exercise walking to and from your vehicle. If you have children, play with them outside.

Office Exercise – You might be surprised how a few 5-10 minutes exercises in the office can lift the spirits and sharpen the minds. Take constructive breaks.

Go To For Yourself – Want to open some eyes? Get your own coffee or tea. Every step counts.
Count Your Steps – The average woman takes 10,000 steps per day. Purchase a pedometer and see how you measure up. By the way, busy women are not average!

Only Eat Healthy – Resist temptation. Your body is too important to fill it with unhealthy foods. Have balanced meals, eat slowly and chew thoroughly. No soda. Drink pure water. You will notice the difference.
Busy women are miraculous. You’ve come a long way, but you can do better.

Jeff Mcneil is a fitness blogger and loves sharing his insights in health and fitness on popular blogs. He writes for Hydroxycut and many other online publications 

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  1. It's really a tough job being a successful woman In all areas.
    Reading such pointers is always a gd reminders that we jus need to take small steps to get there.

  2. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Exercise Routine for Busy Women
    1. Hula hooping
    2. Spinning around in a circle
    3. Hindu squats

  3. Join into playtime with your children or pets. Instead of watching your children at the park, shoot baskets with them. Sustained movement even at the slowest pace has the ability to burn calories just like other faster-paced activities.

  4. Yes your are right that at this time all women very busy to do their works and they don't serious about their health and fitness. if all women follow your plan than they will be care about their health any time.


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