Dressing-Down Doesn't Mean Lacking Style

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Each year those who want to stay in style wait for the latest trends for every occasion. For 2013 the style is centered on the casual. Dressing-down and staying cool will be the focus for spring and summer fashion. Styles from the past will make reappearances while new styles will still speckle through the masses. If you are wondering what will be hot during the following months, take a look at these trends for every occasion.

Casual Everyday Styles
Whether you are lounging around the house or making a quick run to the grocery store, you can still stay in style. This year's casual styles will include denim, print, and cotton. For budget shoppers or those with a closet full of last year's fashions, you will be relieved to see the same styles will work with different pairings.
White tshirt
  • Denim: Denim shorts often take a season or two off before making a comeback. This year they will be back in style and paired with a variety of shirts and shoes. Classic t-shirts, halter-tops, and tanks will sit atop both loose fitting and tight denim shorts. Skinny jeans appeared a few years ago and still remain the denim choice for casual. Wear them with an opened wedge shoe or casual boot to keep them in style.
  • Prints: Printed fabrics are this season's ideal way to pop and add personality to your wardrobe. Printed cotton dresses, t-shirts, and sun dresses will be seen on the streets and at the beach. Adding these styles to skirts, boots, and sandals will keep you cool and in-style fairly cheaply. If you have your favorite printed t-shirt sitting in the back of your closet, pair it with a denim skirt for a new look. If you are creative, you can even design your own printed shirt to match your style from here.
  • Cotton: Staying loose and breathable, cotton tunics, mini-dresses, and sporty casual dresses are this seasons go to for casual wear and beachwear. You can choose colors that pop, printed patterns or nature tones to keep it in style. Pair it with your favorite sneakers, wedge shoe, or sandal to keep it casual. 
TeenyB Bikini
Beachwear and Swimwear
What good is summer fashion without the right beachwear?The Examiner reported on the 30 sexiest swimwear styles coming out of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2013 in Miami. This year's trends include a variety of styles from the conservative to the provocative. So regardless of your preferences in swimwear, there is a style for every body type.
  • Printed Two-Piece: As with casual and evening wear, printed swimwear will be speckled across the sand. From elaborate portraits to simplistic printed designs, the one piece suit and two piece bikini will be getting a paint job. We will see thousands of printed designs that can send a bit of our personalities out as bait into the water to see who bites.
  • Bright Solid Colors: If you are enjoy the sand and surf, being seen will be easy this year. Bright and vibrant solid colors will be highlighted in the sun. From oranges, greens, and yellows, swimwear that catches the eye will be flaunted. This will be the year to get noticed.
  • Knitted Swimwear: Those knitted bikini tops made by your grandmother can be brought out of the closet this year. Some of the hottest styles will include knitted tube and bikini tops. You can pair this with a knitted bottom or a matching solid cotton bottom to bring a new trend to the beach. You may want to consider a tight knit to avoid the weirdest tan lines you have ever had.
Evening Wear
As the summer heats up, the nights can get hot. This year's evening wear is dedicated to classic style with a bit of flare and comfort. From body-con dresses, to lace, to the infamous little black dress, 2013 holds a lot of style for every body type and budget.
Flaps Detail Lace Sheath Tank Dress (Black)
  • The Little Black Dress: There is one style that will never die. The little black dress continues to reinvent itself and even the previous season's style can easily be rehashed with the right accessories. This year lace is being added the LBD to keep it fresh and light. The editors of Elle magazine suggest embracing lace for late night fun.
  • Body-Con Dresses: Now that the holidays are over and we are working on our beach bodies, the body-contour dress is a prime choice to show off all your hard work. Whether you are going on a hot date, out to the club, or even a dinner party, the body-con dress is the perfect choice for comfort while hugging the right curves at the right time. This style easily embraces and accentuates the curves of your body while offering the nightlife style you need.
  • Bright Colors: If you are looking for more appeal than the little black dress can offer, bright and vibrant colors are being spotlighted this season. Choosing a tube dress, bow-back, or ruffle top dress painted brightly in a color that accentuates your skin tone to stand out in the crowd. For a sophisticated look you can choose a scuba or sheath dress if the occasion calls for it.
Printed Cotton: In keeping with the casual, printed cotton dresses will be seen among the black dresses to add personal style and fun. From checkered patterns, to flowers, to even the most modern block print, these fun styles can offer a chic flare to stand out from the rest.

Summer 2013 will offer a wide range of style trends and a chance to show your personal style. Bring back the clothes of last year and pair them with the new trends of today to create a look you can be proud of. With this year's emphasis on the casual, you can be sure to be comfortable while looking great. Dressing-down this year puts you in the center of fashion.

Karra Browning is an avid fashion blogger. You can follow her on Twitter @KarraWrites.

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  1. Aruna3:33 PM

    a good way to dress down any dress is to wear it over skinny jeans. add in those boots and you have yourself a winning combination. also keep your hair simple and your makeup even simpler.

  2. Bhavana3:33 PM

    a jacket a belt and some nice flat shoes
    try leggings under the dress too:)


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