5 Hot Date Night Makeup Looks

When you go on a date, of course you want to look smoking hot for your love--or for yourself, for that matter!  Are you looking for a great makeup look but feeling a little bit uninspired?

Here, we’ll provide five different looks that will wow anyone that dares look your way, and give you that extra little skip in your step on your next big date.

Fly like a bird. 

You’ve undoubtedly noticed the trend of the winged eyeliner adorning celebrities and normal humans alike. This beautiful can be absolutely gorgeous if applied properly, following the upward curve of the outside of the eye and just past it with your eyeliner.

There is a fantastic and quick tutorial for how to get this look that can be found on Beautylish.com. The look is simple, lovely, and a different take on the traditional look that eyeliner provides.

winged eyeliner
The look of winged eyeliner done properly is gorgeous!

Pretty in pink. 

For a beautiful, girlish glow, go with a light application of a pink eye shadow and then pump up the mascara. You barely need any eyeliner for this look – just a bit for effect. Lining the lower rim of the eye with a nude pencil will add a level of brightness, as well. Use a sparkly pink eye shadow for a more flirtatious look.

pretty in pink
Pretty in pink.

The sensual look. 

Sticking with neutral tones for eyes and lips lends to an incredibly natural and sensual look. Opt for less eyeliner and a color for the lips that is close to naked - Mac’s Freckletone is a great option.

For the eyeshadow, consider earth tones that have a subtle sparkle to them and apply the color generously across the lids. Finish with a dark brown mascara for a look that says you have it all…but you want more.

neutral palate
Choose a neutral palate for a gorgeous and sensual look.

The vixen. 

Smoky eyes make for a look that says you know what you are looking for and will settle for nothing less this Valentine’s Day. Sephora provides a great tutorial on how to get a beautiful smoky eye.

Don’t forget to use a lighter shade just under the eyebrows and at the inside corners of the eyes to really brighten and provide a balancing effect for the darker, smoky look.

smoky eyes
Smoky eyes say you are ready to make it a great night!

Innocent eyes. 

As far as men are concerned, nothing says attractive like a woman who can rock it with little to no makeup on.

Not only does this speak to a level of confidence a woman has in her natural beauty, but it also lets a guy know that this is exactly what he’s getting, and that you won’t be spending hours in front of the mirror each morning getting ready.

For a subtle but effective touch, add some falsies at the outer eye (no mascara) and wear a clear but shiny lip gloss for completely kissable, innocent lips.

Inspire both love and excitement with a sexy makeup look that is best for your personality and mood, whether you want to be pretty-in-pink charming or vixeny during your next hot date with that special someone.

For more ideas on hot makeup looks for your next date, check out Allure’s 15 Sexiest Celebrity Looks of the Moment.

Cara Aley is a freelance writer who covers a wide variety of topics on health and wellness.

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  1. Okay, I have tried that "winged" technique and it was a disaster. I think I better stick the more "natural" looks, but your forgot pics of many of those. They would be helpful. Thanks! :)


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