Top Reasons To Keep Your Mind Active

Physical perfection is something many people aim and work hard for. But keeping yourself physically active is not the only important goal you should have in mind if you want to stay healthy. 

Keeping your mind active is also vital.

 As people age, the abilities of the mind naturally decline, largely because of changing connections between brain cells. 

Yet based on the latest research, keeping the brain active improves vitality and building of brain cells and connections.

active mind

Preventing Dementia

Dementia is one of the most common ailments we face in the later stages of one's life. 

However, studies show that we may be able to slow down the onset of this disease by keeping our minds active. 

In effect, learning new things and discovering new activities throughout your life can lead to a younger and healthier mind.

Increasing Memory

A lot of people assume that memory normally diminishes as they get older. However, this is not necessarily true. Through mental exercises, one can train their memory to stay strong. 

There are various mental exercises you can perform to enhance both storage of data storing and processing, such as memorizing lists of items or names, playing games that require you to repeat a set of cards, etc.

General Health

Being mentally healthy can work miracles for enhancing your overall health. Improving your mind improves a lot of things including your ability to focus, which helps you avoid circumstances that could otherwise lead to accidents and injury. It also improves your self-confidence, which gives you something to fight for.


There are numerous ways to stay mentally active. The Internet is a great source of free memory games and mental exercises. 

An even easier way to keep your mind active is by reading books. The brain is challenged by words it has yet to understand, plus your imagination improves greatly. 

Ideal books for empowering the mind include classic literature, science fiction, and business books. These not only improve your mind but may also enhance your career.

Learning a language is also a great way of keeping your brain versatile and sharp. It helps slow the decline of thought processes that come naturally with aging. 

Enlist in a course, listen to tapes and video tutorials, or mingle with people who speak your language of choice. Switch your TV shows and movies from your native language to foreign films with subtitles.

Though running is widely associated with physical development, this activity also helps people keep their mind sharp and healthy. 

Running increases oxygen levels in your brain and body. In turn, the body produces endorphins, which make you feel energetic while generating a feeling of pleasure and wellness.

Keeping your mind active should be a no-brainer. The mind is responsible for many processes and its health can largely affect one's lifestyle and career. Make sure to treat it right. 

Try these exercises now and see how they brings positive changes to your life!

Sarah Bradley writes about health, aging and education. Her other work explores the top accelerated bsn programs,

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  1. Sabita3:07 PM

    Read, read and read some more. Find a subject you enjoy, or a hobby and find books about it.

  2. Jagesh3:08 PM

    Crosswords and math.

  3. Arundati3:09 PM

    Crossword puzzles and reading...conversation as well!

  4. Ulaasa3:10 PM

    sudoku puzzles

  5. Sadanand3:10 PM

    Reading, crosswords, chess and gathering information in general.

  6. Trisha3:13 PM

    1. Learn something new. Here are some ideas! Photography, calligraphy, knitting, baking/cooking, gardening, writing, how to play an instrument...there are lots of things out there that you can do to refocus your energy in a productive way. Just remember, staying physically and mentally active is important. Sometimes a good workout will help you feel better.

  7. Bhairavi3:13 PM

    Help others. Volunteering is another great way to stay busy and feel good.

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