Set Realistic Weight Loss Goals

If there is one health goal that seems to ring true for millions of people around the world, it is that of weight loss.

A whole industry has sprung up around it, making billions of dollars a year, as people struggle to shed the pounds that they have put on over the years.

There is, of course, no miracle cure, and millions realize this every day, as they see the weight stay on no matter what they do to try and get rid of it.

The simple fact of the matter is that sensible goal setting is important if you are to make the most of your weight loss program.

This article looks at some measures and steps that you can take to ensure your weight loss happens sensibly and carefully.

Your first step is a very simple one and it sets the groundwork for any later steps that need to take place.

This first step is to simply get on those scales and weigh yourself. There is a very good reason for taking this first step.

If you do not have a weight that you want to start from, it is very difficult to have any goals set. This makes it nigh on impossible for you to be able to meet any goals and make progress and is therefore very dispiriting.

Then you need to get going with your Body Mass Index (BMI). You may have heard this referred to a lot by anyone who works in the fitness industry.

It is a key indicator of how you are doing as regards weight loss and is therefore very important. Find your height and weight on any BMI chart.

You can find one at your doctors and use that so you get an accurate picture of what your BMI is.

Your first goal is the real key to your success in long-term weight loss. This is because if you do not set a first goal that is reachable you are essentially setting yourself up for failure.

So don’t set one that states you will lose half your body weight in three months, for example. Instead, set a realistic goal that is reachable but still challenging enough to make it feel great when you actually pass that finish line.

The American Heart Association recommends that losing just ten or fifteen per cent of weight is a great way to start your weight loss battle.

It may not seem like a lot but it is a significant milestone, and definitely something to think about as a starting point.

This is a big amount if you have significant weight issues, so you will need to consult a physician if you are seriously overweight.

Then we get down to eating. This means being sensible again, and the only way to be sensible is to take a visit to your local physician and get some general advice on how you should change your diet accordingly.

They will probably recommend the standard advice, which is to ensure that you eat smaller meals more often. The classic mistake many people make when they are trying to lose weight is to starve themselves.

This only serves to make people binge or eat more when they finally succumb to hunger pangs. The best thing to do is ensure that you eat smaller meals but more regularly, and according to your weight loss goals.

This way you lose weight without feeling the discomfort that comes along with what is essentially fasting. There are many sources of advice out there that can show you the exact meal plan you should be aiming for.

Your diet is not the only aspect of your lifestyle that you will need to change. You also need to make sure that you work hard on getting some physical exercise.

This means hitting the gym and starting off with a light workout right at the very start of your weight loss regime. Don’t jump in too hard or you will burn out. Instead find a low impact program that helps you to achieve some goals.

The main idea here is to ensure that you use small goals to move you towards those big ones. This prevents you from becoming de-motivated. It also stops you form becoming too tired to continue.

Author Bio: Peter Smith is a famous online dietician and fitness expert. He gives advice for fitness, exercise routine, weight loss meal plans and everything related to the fitness and weight loss.

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  1. Gargi3:05 PM

    Calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index).
    Remember, there are 3 main things to your body fat:
    1. Genetics - not much you can do about this, but many can overcome it!
    2. Being Healthy (EAT HEALTY- can't stress that enough, and get a good night sleep every night)
    3. Exercise - try to exercise every day

  2. Robin3:14 PM

    Start a regular exercise program. Manage your time and start exercising. Remember that there's no easy way to a fulfilling goal. Although exercising sounds more like a burden to most of us, remember that there's no point of being lazy everyday. You need to stand up and exercise to shed off some pounds and release happy hormones.

  3. Don't starve yourself. Eat smaller frequent meals. Always include mid-day snacks and mid-afternoon snacks in your menu so you won't starve.Starving will only cause you to eat huge, heavy meals.

  4. Radha3:15 PM

    Eat Healthy fats. Not all fats are unhealthy and you need fats as much as you need cholesterol in order to move. Eat healthy fats from seeds, nuts and fiber-rich food such as vegetables and whole-grain pastas.

  5. Kusuma3:17 PM

    Keep a journal. Write all your achievements from day 1. Keep track of your weight and write about how much weight you've lost in a given span of time. This will motivate you to continue and maintain your lifestyle.

  6. Kusuma3:18 PM

    Regular exercise and proper diet as shown below:

    Breakfast = Oats, Milk, apples or oranges.
    Lunch = Fish, variety of veges
    Dinner = Lots of Fruits and Nuts.

    Snacks optional = Light Tuna sandwich

    In one month see amazing results

  7. Tamanna1:59 PM

    Use lot of butter milk when you are very thirsty. Do not go for bottled drinks. Fruit juice made at home with less sugar is more useful. Avoid cheese. Ghee is better than cheese. If you believe God, kindly pray for 15-30 minutes per day which gives you more happiness. Eating of more sweets will increase your weight. Replace jaggery in the place of sugar wherever possible.


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