Eyelash Extensions: After Care and Useful Tips

Eyes. The windows to the soul, it’s said. Better the eyes than the ears, I guess. Imagine looking searchingly into the eardrum of your beloved to see how they really felt, and coming up against all that wax. And hair. Ghastly. No, the eyes are where it’s at. And nothing amps up the pretty like a set of professionally installed eyelash extensions- something the ladies at Lash Design have long known.

The best thing you can do if you make the (wise) decision to get yourself hooked up with a pair of false flutteries is bone up on your knowledge of eyelash extension aftercare. This will prolong the life of your extensions, and keep them looking tip top until your next refill.

The cardinal- cardinal!- rule of eyelash extensions is that you must never, ever use mechanical eyelash curlers. Your eyes are doubtless appealing enough as it is, anyway, and a mechanical curler will cause damage. It’s also important to proceed with caution when removing your eye make up. Be gentle, for chrissake.

You should minimise your exposure to heat and steam as these can prematurely damage your extensions, also. And forget about oil based cosmetics in the eye region. It will dissolve the adhesive and make you look like a bedraggled old queen. In case you didn’t know, mascaras are often oil based, so be sure to replace yours with a non-oil based product.

In the first 24 hours after you have your lashes done, don’t get your face wet. Too bad if you’ve got a pool party at the Playboy Mansion to attend. You’ll just have to sit to one side with Kelsey Grammer and his infant daughter (remember that? Pretty weird, right? ‘What shall we do with the baby tonight, Kelsey? Lullabies and early bedtime?’ ‘Actually, darling, i was thinking swimming pools, movie stars, and large, exposed breasts’)

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  1. eyelashes grow back after prolonged lash extensions

  2. Disha3:17 PM

    I swear by Vaseline! It takes a little bit, but if you use it every night for a few weeks your eyelashes will be healthier and thicker looking. And that will give the illusion of longer lashes!

  3. best adhesive for eye lashes IS
    surgical glue. You can get them at mac stores.

  4. Christina3:21 PM

    Don't put oil to your eyelash, it will grow at its normal length & speed. It comes from your good genes, not from Olive Oil

  5. Suniti3:23 PM

    Eyelash extension give u a nice dramatic look for your eyes

  6. Trisha3:24 PM

    Some say that an application of castor oil and vaseline make eyelashes longer and thicker.

  7. Paridhi3:25 PM

    The best way to acheive longer fuller eyelashes, is to either by fake eyelashes, or use a mascara that specializes in lengthening, and fullfilling eyelashes.


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