How all over face treatment stops acne before it starts

With over 17 million people worldwide suffering from acne, and over 80% of teens being affected by this debilitating curse, you would think that surely somebody could come up with a cure? Every year, over $100 billion is spent on non-prescription treatments designed to relieve sufferers of their symptoms, but what if there was a chance to stop it before it even took hold? What’s more, what if this miracle cure has been growing freely in your garden this whole time?

Latest Research
Recent research by scientific angels at the Leeds Metropolitan University has shown that this may just be the case. These now popular researchers tested elements of thyme, marigold, and myrrh against the bacteria responsible for acne, Propionibacterium acnes, which exerts its brutal force by infecting our pure and innocent skin, causing spots to form, thus, we have acne. The research found that whilst all of the common garden elements were able to kill the bacteria within just 5 minutes, thyme was the most effective. The most shocking part of this research though, was the further testing of thyme, which uncovered that it is actually more effective against the bacteria than the standard dose of benzoyl peroxide – the agent used in the majority of acne treatments!

How do make it? 
 “How do you transform a simple garden plant into this miracle cure,” I hear you scream! Well, listen closely, and you shall have clear skin in no time at all! You see, the elements of the plants used from this experiment have to be “nursed” from their homes. Firstly, you have to gather your raw material, which-ever plant you may have to hand, although for maximum results, thyme is recommended. Then, you simply soak your elected plant in alcohol, for around a week. You then remove what’s left of the raw material, and the liquid you are left with is your miracle cream, full of all the goodness of the plant and ready to apply directly to your skin. Soaking the plant in the alcohol allows all of the active ingredients held within the plant to be released, and also sterilizes them in the process so you are left with only goodness!

Surely it is just the sterilizing effects of alcohol? That’s nothing new.
Well, no, not really. During the experiment, the researchers took this into consideration. As a control test (alongside the experimental tests of thyme, marigold, and myrrh), the researchers used alcohol on its own, and found that the experimental tests were far more successful. This control helps to demonstrate that it is not just the sterilizing properties of alcohol that produces the effects; we also need a little bit of Mother Nature!

Medicine vs. Mother Nature These findings have left the medical companies and designers of all our expensive treatments in awe. Previously, anyone suffering from acne was forced to live with it, fork out for expensive treatments, or take prescription medicine. Pretty much all of the options involved the chemical benzoyl peroxide, which is known to cause severe irritation, discomfort, and be a generally unpleasant experience.

Everyone nowadays is looking to herbal and natural alternatives, because surely anything that is made by the same lovely planet that created us is bound to be less harmful than something which took years of developing and came from a Bunsen burner and glass test tube. However, just think of all the evils of cannabis, poisonous berries in the forest and other natural nastiness. Obviously, I’m not saying this new research is a bad thing or that everything Mother Nature gave us is harmful, I’m just offering a few words of care and caution!

A word of caution...
So before you start brewing your potions, put your sensible cap on for a second. Keep in mind that this is all new, and needs more research into exactly how these elements work. In time, medical companies will come up with approved and safe herbal creams, so that home brewing can be kept to a minimum. However, if you can’t wait for all of that to get rid of your curse (and I honestly can’t blame you), then go ahead. Just remember, you have been warned!

Author Bio: Wilson Campbell has authored the guest post. He took an online acne treatment from one site and he got the best results, now he can confidently go for a date with his fiancé.

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  1. Mandira2:58 PM

    . Regular exercise is good for your mind and your body, including your skin

  2. Disha3:02 PM

    Try to have a shower immediately after completing the entire workouts of a day.
    Don't sleep with makeup on.
    Make sure to dirt free cosmetic brushes frequently in soapy water and throw away old, dirty makeup.

  3. I think this research is wonderful! I've always felt that store bought creams were a either a bit too pricey for my budget (as a mom to 2 kids) and some were cheap but hardly do anything for my skin.

    Maybe I could try just a few tried and tested "herbal potions" and see how it goes ;)

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