The Wonders of Face Mapping

Various technologies have emerged to cater to the needs of people. From computers and mobile phones to software and applications, technology continuously develops to change the way we do things. We can expect a new innovation next year, next month, or even tomorrow. That is how fast technology and services evolve.

In skin care and dermatology, new technology and methods are constantly on the rise to improve the healthcare industry and solve the common skin problems of people. Face Mapping or Speed Mapping by Dermalogica is considered a revolutionary skin analysis that will help target skin problems or challenges of individual consumers.

What Is Face Mapping? You can compare this to a doctor-patient consultation wherein a patient can approach a doctor for a checkup, and the doctor can prescribe a medicine or treatment to solve the problem, if there is any. In Face Mapping, consumer can approach a skin or dermatology therapist to analyze his or her skin and zoom in on certain challenges. Then, the skin therapist will provide a one-on-one discussion based on the analysis and educate the consumer about his or her skin. After which, the skin therapist will provide a personalized prescription to address the need of the consumer.

Face Mapping
Why Use Face Mapping? Face Mapping is highly recommended because the consultation is free. Unlike visiting a dermatologist, you can get free and sound advice from certified skin specialists. If you don’t really have major skin problems and would simply like to learn about the best ways to take care of your skin and get good recommendations, Face Mapping will be beneficial for you. Nowadays, it is a luxury to be able to employ the skin care services of a professional dermatologist. But with this free consultation, people get to have the chance to learn about their skin and get treatment for whatever skin challenges they have.

Furthermore, you can improve your overall appearance of your skin with a product that is specifically for you. No need to try dozens of products just to discover that none of them really works for you. Many consumers can save money in the process. This will help them make informed choices when buying not only Dermalogica products but other skin care and cosmetic products as well. You will know what product will best fit your skin’s unique characteristics and needs. You will know what grooming practices to use and habits to get rid of.

This is a whole lot of change in the way consumers can do their shopping. People are not merely consumers but people with skin care needs. It is a more personalized approach to skin care that goes beyond simple advertising and visual merchandising. Consumers can interact with skin professionals, ask about their skin, and learn more about it. People value the care and understanding involved in this whole method, and the fact that it is a free service becomes a truly wonderful benefit for consumers.

You can visit Face Mapping shops near your location or visit Dermalogica’s online speed mapping site for more information.

(Guest Post by Victoria)

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