DIY Deep-Conditioning treatment for dry hair - Reader's Contribution

Pollution and dirt leaves my hair dull, dry and damaged in the course of a week.  It's only during weekends that I can devote some time to hair care. Once in 15 days or whenever I find that my hair looks like straw, I use this DIY deep conditioning protein hair mask with eggs. It has proved extremely effective for me and it's much much cheaper than a keratin/protein deep conditioning treatment at a spa.
dull damaged hair
The method:  Break open an egg and pour the entire contents (egg white and egg yolk included) into a bowl. Add a cup of skimmed  milk or toned milk to it and beat the mixture until it's frothy. Now on your unoiled scalp, apply this mixture gently. (Remember that hair behaves like a sponge and if it is already soaked in oil, it it won't be able to absorb the goodness of the mask.) Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off with water. Do not use tepid water to wash your hair. Use water at room temperature. (This tip is especially helpful if you have dry hair.) A last rinse with cold water is also terrific to seal in the cuticles.
 egg white and egg yolk skimmed milk
(Contributed by T. T. Shreya)

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