Trollbeads: Fashion Statement and Good Luck Charm

Sometimes you get the feeling that someone or something is plotting evil against you. Have you ever thought of using fashion as a tool of war? In times like these, employing the use of trusty Trollbeads, absurd as it sounds comes in handy. The diverse array of colours that they come in is sure to ward off any bad karma that you may have acquired along with any vibes of fashion crime. They are a wonderful fashion accessory and come in handy as a good luck charm; it's surprising to learn that they were the first charm beads in the world! It is surprising because they were first introduced in 1976 by Søren Nielsen, not by some tribe in a remote part of the world eons before the 20th century. Nielsen called them Trollbeads because they resembled troll faces. These types of beads are fun and enable you to work with your hands as they can be homemade.

trollbeads one

A fun way to employ your creative side without having to make something from scratch but forming something beautiful is by making jewellery using these types of beads; they enable you to make your own necklaces and bracelets from a vast array of gorgeous beads made from Murano glass, precious stones, sterling silver and 18 karat gold. The wide price range of the materials involved makes it affordable for anyone to make.

The unique beads are special in that each of them is a piece of art and has a mythological and deeper meaning to it. The beads derive their meaning from astrology, fauna and flora, cultural diversity, fairy tales and the things you may face in your everyday life. The beads have won international artistic recognition and have recently been showcased at Sculpture Objects & Functional Art in New York and Chicago.

trollbeads two

They add artistic sophistication to your wrist or neck and fight bad luck at the same time-one of the few fashion accessories that kills two birds with one stone.

Hard modelling wax cast is used to create the original models which are then finished in metal. Stones are used to set some models and molten glass is used to make other models. The finished product is pleasing to the eye and also bears mythical powers that protect you with ancient prowess from bad luck.

Use them to tell your own story: The large array of flowers, animals, colours, symbols and zodiac signs offer you numerous combinations and variations, enabling your jewellery to be both personal and unique. When making a collection, you can begin with just one bead or an entire collection. The beads can be worn with a gold chain or silver bracelet or necklace. Creating your own protective charm from your personal favourite items enables you to make your own story over time. These beads enable you to do just that in a fashion friendly way.

Having a versatile fashion-friendly piece of jewellery that can be cherished for a long period of time is a wonderful addition to one's collection of accessories.

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(Guest Post by Abbas)

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