Lose belly fat through aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are indeed one of the most effective ways of losing belly fat. If you put in best of efforts performing aerobic workouts, you will definitely burn good amount of calories. However, you need to decide as to which exercises you would be performing in order to obtain significant weight loss results. The workout you choose will largely influence the amount of calories and fat you try to eliminate through each exercise.
There are four effective aerobic workouts that can help you get rid of belly fat to a great extent. By performing these workouts on a regular basis, you can definitely obtain a flat belly.
Running: You may be a little surprised to know that running is one of the best aerobic workouts for losing belly fat. Running helps in bringing every muscle group in the body into the motion, and burns excess calories present in the body. Also, running at high speeds works effective on the abdominal muscles. If you want to make your abs stronger, you can also perform sprints. Sprinting strains your abs, which is highly beneficial for strengthening and toning the abs.

Kickboxing: Most people may not be familiar with this particular exercise, but it is yet another effective workout for your fat belly. Performing this workout for a couple of times during the day can help you achieve wonderful results. Even if your body is used to cycling or running, or any other cardio workout, you will be amazed to see that this specific workout, popularly known as kickboxing, challenges your body in a complete different way. The kind of movements while performing kickboxing helps you in achieving a complete new stage of fitness, and also helps you to lose excessive belly fat during the process. There are several kinds of moves in kickboxing, which are far more effective than the regular aerobic exercises. Therefore, you can gain added benefit out of this workout.

kickboxing women
Step Classes: Step classes are equally useful as it involves complex movements along with
few strength elements. This particular workout helps in pushing your body to lose those extra calories from your body, especially the abdominal area. The greatest advantage of performing step classes is you end up sweating. This results in burning excess fat from the belly area. These workouts should be followed on a regular basis if you really want to see best results.
step classes
Elliptical Machine: Working out on an elliptical machine is an excellent aerobic workout that effectively targets various other parts of your body in addition to your abdominal area. It burns the unwanted calories as well as fat from your body. With the help of elliptical machines, you can alter your intensity of workouts depending on your suitability and fitness level. In simple words, it means as you become more fit and healthy, you can increase the intensity level of your workouts. As a result, you can eliminate more calories and fat stored in your body. Also, you can build muscles through this popular fitness equipment known as elliptical machine.
elliptical machine
In addition to these four effective aerobic workouts, you need to include a healthy and balanced diet. Eating right is equally essential to lose belly fat. Exercises alone will not help in obtaining a slim and perfect belly. Some of the eating tips include, avoiding junk foods, deep fried foods, full fat dairy products, and so on. You must include fruits and vegetables in your diet as it contains fiber that helps your body feeling full throughout the day.

Drinking plenty of water is mandatory in order to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Water increases your metabolism rate, and helps in curbing excess fat from the body. Thus, with the help of aerobic workouts mentioned above in addition to a healthy diet, you will certainly have a flat belly in no time.

(Guest Post by Marguerite)

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  1. begin eating properly. There are plenty of different ways that you can eat in order to lose stomach weight effectively but it really boils down to the amount of calories that you are taking into your body.

  2. do a little bit of light weight lifting.

  3. Expert11:04 AM


  4. Yashodha11:05 AM

    crunches, sit ups, push ups, and run. eat healthy.

  5. Urmila11:06 AM

    Cardio and crunches

  6. The BEST way to burn fat is by combining cardio and weight lifting. If you can't lift weights, do body weight exercises. Look up boot camp / military workouts. I also 'went away for three months', and I never lifted anything but my own body.

  7. Jamuna2:07 PM

    eat any of green vegetables

  8. Vikas2:13 PM

    Forget fast food, processed foods and eating out frequently. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can still serve healthful, tasty meals.

  9. Anonymous2:33 PM

    the best exercise in the world it is the good old heavy barbell squats.

  10. Try out these exercises:

    Pull ups/chin ups/ pull downs
    Barbell/dumbbell bench press
    Military press – upper movement with a barbell
    Bent over barbell row
    Parallel bar dips – dips done on a parallel bar

  11. Swati2:38 PM

    Belly fat is about the unhealthiest kind to have and has been linked with all kinds of bad stuff. And belly fat is often fat in and around your liver - which is probably the worst kind to have.
    So its real important - not just for looks to lose it. And the only way to lose it is to lose weight. So start eating right, reduce your number of calories, and get some exercise in every day

  12. Swati2:46 PM

    I believe cycling is the best way to reduce it.
    Cycling moment are the best to get rid of belly fat. Make a use of cycle whenever you are going out or only for exercise.

  13. Vidya3:16 PM

    exercise regularly,walk atleast 30 minutes everyday,monitor alcohol,get 7-8 hours of sleep


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