5 Tips to Stand Out From the Crowd and Feel Your Best

Establishing yourself as a unique individual and standing head and shoulders above the crowd might seem like a challenge, although in essence, it is quite simple. Even a "Plain Jane" can be a showstopper if she knows the correct way to present herself. Read on to discover 5 tips to stand out from the crowd.

1. Your hair should be your crowning glory. Respect those beautiful locks by avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and styling products. This is especially important for colour treated hair. If you have invested in a dye job, don’t let the colour wash down the drain. Use special formulas for colour treated hair. If you treat those tresses right, they will serve you well.

In addition, it is vital to choose a hairstyle that complements the shape of your face and is appropriate for the texture of your hair. If your hair is very fine or thin, long hair may make it look even sparser. Try layers on top for added volume, or layered bangs to offset a round face.

2. Beauty is only skin deep, so why not nourish it from the inside? Adhere to a healthy diet, consider nutritional supplements, and stay hydrated to ensure a glowing complexion. Skin problems can really dent your confidence, so it’s important to put in place a good skin cleaning regime and find out what works to keep your skin problems at bay. Individuals with acne or those seeking acne cures should consult with a dermatologist. In the interim, check out this website for the best skin care tips and treatments:
 (http://www.dermatologist.org.uk/acne.html). Some cases of acne are hard to get control of, but never give up hope, there is always a way of combating it, so you can get back to looking your best.

3. The clothes you wear can also help you stand out from the crowd, which is why you might do well to take another look at your wardrobe. Forget the latest trends; focus instead on wearing clothes that complement your individual style. That knockout dress might look gorgeous on your best friend, but it might not do a thing for you. If you aren't wearing clothing that flatters your figure, you could be cheating yourself. Remember, you do not have to spend a small fortune on your wardrobe, and you can mix and match tops and bottoms for a chic new look every day of the week.

4. Keep those pearly whites sparkling, and dazzle everyone with your winning smile. It's difficult to flash a winning smile when you don't feel confident about your teeth. If you are a smoker, do yourself a favour and quit. Your complexion will improve and your teeth will not have that funky brownish tinge. Regular cleanings by your dentist or oral hygienist can improve your smile and boost your confidence. In addition, visit your orthodontist to determine if you need dental work done, and then arrange a payment plan that fits your budget.
5. Your Positive body language speaks volumes. If you tend to slouch or walk with your head lowered, you will appear awkward and not at all self confident. Project a positive self image by standing or walking with your head held high. Crossing your arms can look like you’re defensive and not very approachable.  Maintain eye contact with those you speak with and most of all smile! Laughing and smiling shows to others that you are relaxed and positive but don’t take yourself too seriously.

The key to success is to follow these rules, but you have to remember to put your own stamp on them. Be you own person, do what makes you happy. To have a positive outlook on life, you have to be comfortable in your own skin and without being too big headed – Love yourself. I believe these tips can help you present yourself to world like you’ve always wanted too.

(Guest Post by Jonny)

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