5 Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has been known recently to be associated with a number of different health benefits. This is surprising since in the past, dark chocolate was something most people were told to stay away from. This was especially true if you were dieting. Keep in mind that while there are numerous benefits, dark chocolate is also high in fat. Be sure to eat accordingly.

Eating Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Helps Your Heart & Blood Pressure Many studies lately have shown that dark chocolate consumption correlates with low blood pressure readings. One certain study looked at people eating white chocolate compared to dark chocolate over the course of 15 days. Afterwards, results showed that those who ate dark chocolate had lower blood pressure as well as improved insulin sensitivity. Both dark and white chocolate differ because of their polyphenol content.

Other studies have showcased that flavonoids may be the magic factor. In one study, endothelial function was improved while plasma levels of flavanols were increased when flavanol-rich dark chocolate was eaten. This shows that flavanols potentially have something to do with it. In one other study, the highest doses of cacao flavonoids lead to the biggest blood pressure drop. White chocolate, on the other hand, has not been found to lower blood pressure, reduce oxidative stress, or improve lipids.

Most researchers will recommend eating dark chocolate 2 to 3 times a week to help lower blood pressure. Dark chocolate may even prevent blood clots since it improves blood flow.

Dark Chocolate Helps with Blood Sugar Control Dark chocolate is known to help keep blood vessels healthy and keep your circulation from being effected to protect against type 2 diabetes. Discussed above, flavonoids in dark chocolate can help reduce insulin resistance. Dark chocolate is also great because it has a low glycemic index. This means that is won’t cause insulin spikes.

Dark Chocolate Helps the Brain While dark chocolate increases blood flow to the heart, it also benefits the brain in the exact same way. This can help improve cognitive function. Several compounds are contained in dark chocolate that help have a positive effect on both cognitive health and mood. Chocolate contains a chemical known as phenylethylamine (PEA). This is the same chemical the brain creates when a person is in love. Since PEA encourages endorphins to be released from the brain, a person eating it will generally feel happier.

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Contains a Vast Amount of Vitamins & Minerals Dark chocolate has a ton of different vitamins and minerals that can aid in keeping you healthy. For instance, certain vitamins and minerals that are found at high concentrations within dark chocolate include copper, potassium, iron, and magnesium. Copper will help to protect the body against cardiovascular ailments and stroke. Iron in dark chocolate protects against anemia, which is caused by low iron levels in the blood. Magnesium in dark chocolate helps to prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Dark Chocolate Contains Theobromine & Antioxidants One thing dark chocolate has a ton of is antioxidants. These help free radicals escape from your body, which cause damage to cells. Free radicals are known to cause aging and potentially may be a cause of cancer. Therefore, eating dark chocolate can help to protect you from aging and potentially from cancer.

Dark chocolate also has theobromine, which has been said to help harden tooth enamel. This sounds quite ironic as most dentists would recommend staying away from sweets like chocolate! This actually means that dark chocolate can lower your risk of getting any cavities as long as you always brush and floss. Theobromine can also help to suppress coughs and is somewhat of a mild stimulant.


Suzanne Richards is a chocoholic and knows all about the benefits of indulging. She became a medical assistant by finding the right program through http://www.online-medicalassistantprograms.com.

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  1. Nadira3:03 PM

    The higher the percentage of cacao, the more benefits and better nutritional value the chocolate contains.

  2. Expert3:05 PM

    It can help prevent heart disease
    It can improve your mood
    It can protect your skin


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