Botox vs Plastic Surgery - Which is better?

I think it is very important to know all your options well before opting for the one. So, what should one favor for- botox or plastic surgery?

Botox is usually referred to a type of protein which is neurotoxic in nature popularly known as Botulinum Toxin which is produced by a bacterium called as Clostridium Botulinum. If inhaled more than 1 ug, can prove fatal for humans and therefore, judiciously used for many cosmetic purposes like wrinkles and facial crease fillers. It works by contracting the muscular action by blocking the impulses carried through the nerves. The muscles become rigid and cannot contract which relaxes the facial tissues and wrinkles. The effect of botox varies on the treatment and can last anywhere from six to nine months. The repeated use of botox helps in overall reduction of wrinkles as the muscles are trained to relax. Botox does not require the use of anaesthesia before the treatment. A very thin and fine needle is used to attain accuracy and reduce any discomfort caused by the injection.

On the other hand, plastic surgery also known as aesthetic plastic surgery is enhancing the looks through surgical procedures. It involves the use of anaesthesia and it is a restorative or enhancing form of surgery like lip enhancement, brow shaping, skin peels etc.

Which is better?
Botox is associated with some of its side.-effects such as frequent headaches and vulnerability to flu and respiratory infections. It can also lead to trouble in digestion causing indigestion, heartburn and nausea. It may also cause drooping of the upper eyelid and frozen face when over-used. The botox treatment is also not a long lasting method and therefore, needs quick re-shots.
Plastic surgery is not a full-proof method either. It involves a heavy cost because of the surgical intervention and the results cannot be accurately predicted as per the decision. People find botox as a quick, reliable and an easy method in comparison to a face-lift because the latter requires time, money and patience in co-ordination with the expertise of the surgeon.

Age is a major reason to be considered before choosing between the two alternatives. When a person is young and the skin is not over-exposed, botox works well for the appearance of fine lines due to ageing, or crow’s feet or bulging eyelids. In this age, face has the required volume to carry a botox well. But, in the age category above forties, botox needs to be combined with some form of surgical lifting procedures to produce the desired results. In some older cases, botox may not bring any result because of over sagging of skin and requirement for heavy dosages.

Therefore, key points to be kept in mind are:
  • If one is above 60, one must opt for plastic surgery as it is a better result oriented method in this age, keeping in mind, the expectations of the patient and the type of result desired as per individual needs. The plastic surgery in this age is mainly sagging, hollow structure and deep wrinkles.
  • Recovery of the patient must be kept in mind as plastic surgery involved deeper incisions and loss of blood. For quick recovery period like a wedding or something, botox is better and quick. Older patients are prone to nerve damages and excessive bleeding.
  • The results may not be that productive in a botox treatment as it involves the hampering of contractions by the muscles underneath, but some muscles do not respond well to this treatment and the desirable results may not be achieved. Plastic surgery can provide more definitive results with marginal difference.
  • Botox is more easily and readily available in cosmetic clinics, whereas, plastic surgery requires an experienced and certified plastic surgeon to avoid the chances of a mishap. It may also require an appointment well before hand, which is not difficult in case of botox treatment.
  • Plastic surgery does not involve any type of side effects, except the recovery procedure whereas; botox involves mild headaches and nausea. The main risk associated with botox is temporary nerve paralysis which can happen with anyone. To minimize the risk of developing this, the patient must lie down after the treatment is over and continually rub the site of botox to prevent spreading of the botox to other areas.
  • Results in botox are short lived whereas; results in plastic surgery are permanent. Therefore, one time treatment can be ensured by a good plastic surgery and repeated sessions are required in a botox which is popular because of its less invasive technique. The results may last from six to nine months only.
The method of treatment like facial surgery or botox or derma fillers or resurfacing methods like microdermabrasion depend on the age, requirement and condition of the skin. The exposure suffered by the skin is one of the major determinants along with the severity of the appearance ranging from mild to high. Go for the right treatment after keeping all of the above mentioned factors in mind.

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The post is shared by Jason Phillips; he is a cosmetic surgeon with exceptional writing skills.

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