5 Foods Your Skin Will Love

Have you ever wondered what it would take to get your skin glowing with good health? Along with an exercise routine, a well-balanced diet is one of the key factors to glowing skin. Most often, people are ignorant about the types of food that can keep your skin looking young and fresh. We have listed 5 foods that will keep your skin glowing and healthy.

Prevent Wrinkles with Olives Olives and the oil extracted from it help in maintaining the skin’s elasticity, smoothness and suppleness. The main ingredient in olives is oleic oil and vitamin E, both of which not only decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines but also protects skin from free radicals that are harmful.

green-olives extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil is also one of the best remedies for inflammation or damage of skin. The oil extracted from the Mediterranean product can be used to massage the face and is a good conditioner for shining hair. Olives can be included as a staple in your diet plan in salads or can be ingested just as they are. 

Daily Dose of Vitamin C with Kiwi Kiwi is known as a wonder fruit as it is a treasure load of goodness. One of the main advantages of the kiwi is that it contains vitamin C in large amounts. This encourages the synthesis of collagen which is essential for maintaining elasticity of skin. The formation of fine lines and wrinkles is prevented with the help of vitamin C.
kiwi fruits

Another benefit of the kiwi fruit is that it packs huge amounts of fibre. It is a well-known fact that irregular bowel movements can wreak havoc on your skin. By including a daily dose of fibre-rich fruits like kiwi, it will not only aid in bowel movement, but its goodness will also reflect on your skin.

Reverse Ageing with Carrots Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A and beta-carotene. The latter is an important anti-oxidant that protects your skin from natural ageing and aids in reversing the damage that has already occurred such as sunburn and pigmentation. The orange colour of the carrots is the result of beta-carotene.


Carrots have an additional advantage that they are a good source of vitamin A and dietary fibre as well. Night blindness is one of the medical conditions that can arise due to a deficiency of vitamin A. Including carrots in your diet on a regular basis will help you to avoid a number of health problems such as macular degeneration and cardio-vascular diseases.

Maintain Supple Skin with Eggs Eggs are consumed by body-builders and health-conscious alike for their multi-faceted benefits. An egg is a source of premium protein, antioxidants and nutrients. Lecithin is one of the nutrients that are found in high quantity in eggs. It is lecithin that forms the basis of the cell walls.


By including an egg in your diet, you will help your skin to maintain its firmness and protect it from the formation of fine lines. The levels of aqualene are enhanced when you consume eggs as it contains coenzyme Q10 which will keep your skin supple and smooth.

Complete skincare with Avocados Avocados are great not just when eaten, but also when directly applied to skin. A rich source of vitamins and biotin, avocados are becoming important in the cosmetics industry. An effective fighter against skin aging, acne and drying, avocados heals eczema and reduces age spots, sun damage and scars. Avocados are also great moisturisers as they increase natural collagen without clogging pores.


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  1. Abhilasha10:50 AM

    Foods with Omega 3 in are great for keeping the skin healthy. Things like nuts, avocado and oily fish are all good sources.

  2. Zinc is good for you skin and pores. Seeds and nuts are full of zinc. Stay away from sugar and grease!

  3. Chandraprabha10:51 AM

    tomatoes! they prevent acne.
    in general any fruits and vegetables will be good and so is a lot of water
    caffine dries your skin out
    processed junk won't do anything great for you either

  4. Farukh10:53 AM



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