How to travel light and look fantastic

When we girls go backpacking or travelling long distances we still want to look good, but we don’t want to be carrying around lots of tubs and tubes and sprays. Here are ten hints and tips for looking gorgeous whilst travelling light;

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1. A good oil free moisturizer with SPF 15 or above will help keep the face and neck protected from the sun’s rays. For added cover choose one that has some tint to it, to help keep an even skin tone and remove the need for foundation.

2 For all over coverage, use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. A Pharmacy sells sunscreen in small packages that can hook on to the rucksack or purse for easy access. You can buy sunscreen in a stick formula, just like deodorant; it glides onto the skin providing even all over sun protection. Stick sunscreen won’t spill or ruin clothes and is concentrated so you will not need as much.

3. Hair can take a lot of heat in the sun, so consider putting sunscreen to any exposed area of the head, down the scalp if you part the hair. Consider around the hairline, and back of neck and behind the ears need coverage too. Adding some regular hair conditioner to the ends of hair will help keep them from drying out in the sun. Leave-in conditioners are just extra money, but normal hair conditioners are the basically the same product and can achieve the same goal. When buying shampoo, consider getting a two-in-one to save space.
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4. Use make-up that can do double duty on the face. Often a stick formula blusher can be used for the lips and the eyes as well as blush to the cheeks. Also, salves can be multi-functional and can be used to slightly gloss the eyes, give glow to the cheeks and sheen to the lips.

5. Hand lotion not only keeps hands and feet soft and smooth, it can work as a fragrance if lightly scented, and thus eliminating the need for perfume bottles. Rub a little on your neck and wrists for a pleasant scent.

6. Carry a lipstick sized concealer to cover up any unwelcomed blemishes. This item is so small it can even fit in a small clutch, or pocket while seeing the sights. The concealer can also be used as cover for the eyelids either as a primer or as eyeshadow.

7. Sudocrem is available in tube form and is a great multi-tasker antiseptic cream that can work on spots, burns, insect bites and dry patches and is great if travelling light.

8. A make-up pencil can be used for filling in the eyebrow, as a lip liner and eyeliner depending on the shade. This takes up minimal space, so you can afford to take a few different shades.

9. A small bottle of oil such as coconut oil or almond oil can be used to cleanse the face, moisturise the skin and provide a moisture mask for the hair if left on for around ten minutes.

10.You can now buy paper thin soap which is light weight and easy to use. This can be used on hands and instead of shower gel if needed.
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Remember, you can get a lot of samples free from beauty counters and stores do travel size products specifically for taking away with you. Cleansing wipes can double up as hand cleansers and you can get solid bars of things like hair conditioner and shampoo so you will have less chance of leaking. Happy holidays!

Catherine is a freelance writer and often writes about beauty, health, hair loss and cosmetic dentistry.

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