Calcium for strong, healthy bones and teeth

“Calcium”, and most of us think of kid who are still cutting new teeth and growing in height. Adults hardly ever think of taking calcium supplements themselves. Actually, we never really outgrow our need for plenty of calcium. Calcium is important for you, no matter what your age or sex.
Before birth:Yes, even unborn humans need a steady supply of calcium to lay down a normal health skeleton, particularly the spine. No wonder pregnant women absorb calcium at twice the normal rate.
Childhood: A person who did not have enough calcium in childhood can be spotted a mile away, simply by his bow-legs and knock-knees. Calcium is what gives hardness and similarly, calcium is the major component of teeth. Shortage of calcium reduces the rate of teeth growth.
Adolescence and young adulthood: Calcium needs reach a peak because at this time the body goes through its final growth spurt. It is also now that it will build its maximum bone density that must be going to last a lifetime. Shortage of calcium at this stage results in thin bones that will bend and beak easily from middle age onwards.
Pregnancy and breast feeding: The unborn baby absorbs two thirds of the calcium that the mother consumes. Unless she increases her own intake, the baby will draw the calcium from her bones, leaving her with a weaker skeleton. During breast feeding, the daily loss of calcium through milk is between 40 and 60 mg. To keep her own calcium balance, a breast feeding mom needs extra calcium.
From 35 onwards to menopause in women: Calcium is essential to keep up the bone density, which you build up, in young adulthood. A deficiency will lead start the bone-thinning-process early.
Menopause to 60 years: Menopause starts off the bone-thinning process, leading to shaky teeth and stooping shoulders that are common in post-menopausal women. Go strong on the calcium to delay ageing of your skeleton.
After sixty: Calcium is vital to prevent bones from thinning down to a fracture threshold, where major bones like spine, hip and thigh break easily. This can turn a self reliant senior person into a dependent invalid.

Now that you are aware of the importance of calcium in leading healthy lives, it needs to be said that calcium can be consumed in the form of supplements. Calcium supplements are available under a lot of brand names which assure the goodness of the product.

So, you need your daily calcium. Even if you are well past childhood!
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  1. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Try to eat lots of leafy green vegetable and legumes.
    also, eat nuts for magnesium, which enchances the absorption of calcium.

    i like to have a baby spinach and walnut salad =]

  2. Dr Rajesh9:35 AM

    Keep hormones regulated. Women need estrogen and men need testosterone at adequate levels in the body in order to absorb enough calcium. Making sure that these hormones are at good levels is key to avoid osteoporosis in later life.

  3. Ramani9:05 AM

    If you're not getting adequate calcium in your diet, you are more likely to be overweight while getting enough calcium appears to make it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

  4. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Deficiency of Vitamin D also contributes to leg cramps as it decreases calcium absorption in the body.To avoid leg cramps, it is essential to consume 1,500 mg/day. of calcium, 750 mg/day of magnesium, 400-1,000 IU of Vitamin E/day, 99mg/day of potassium, 100mg/ day of Vitamin B complex, 3000 mg/day of Vitamin C and 400 IU/day of Vitamin D. This is the recommended dietary level for normal adults to prevent leg cramps. The recommended dosage of these essential nutrients and vitamins enhance blood circulation that eventually prevents the occurrence of leg cramps

  5. Dr Rajesh5:50 PM

    Most people are not aware of the fact that calcium is essential for the normal contraction of muscle tissues, including those of the heart. Patients with extremely low blood calcium levels can develop a condition called tetani where the muscles fibers contract continuously. When this occurs, heart failure can ensue. If you hardly drink any milk and never eat yoghurt, or cheeses, you may well be inclined to a subclinical calcium deficiency.

  6. Vijayalashmi6:14 PM

    Chromium is often effective for someone with a blood sugar problem that is keeping them awake at nights. Brewer's yeast is a good source of Chromium. If you prefer supplements, take 250 to 500 micro- grams twice a day

  7. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Calcium supplements can be a good idea. However, you want to maintain a healthy ratio of calcium to magnesium, so a supplement that contains Calcium with Magnesium plus vitamin D might be best.
    The only drawback to Calcium is that if you are anemic or iron deficient, it can compete with iron absorption. For most people this is a non-issue, but look up the signs of anemia and iron deficiency before starting your supplements to rule that out.

  8. it has been discovered that calcium also aids in weight loss. Research actually suggests that if you're not getting adequate calcium in your diet, you are more likely to be overweight while getting enough calcium appears to make it easier to maintain a healthy weight. The reasoning behind this has to do with your body's response to a calcium deficiency. When you don't consume enough calcium, your body thinks you are starving and enters emergency mode thereby causing you to retain weight

  9. Damini10:48 AM

    This is quite a comprehensive guideline on taking care of our teeth. This is highly informative no doubt. :)

  10. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Calcium: This vitamin/minerals supplement is a powerful blood pressure lowering element. It is an important nutrient for overall good health. It is recommended that you take one gram of elemental calcium daily. Foods that are a good source of calcium are dairy products such as milk, yogurt and cheese. To maintain a healthy body weight, however, be sure to consume skim or lowfat varieties. Foods that are high in calcium include raw broccoli, salmon, cooked turnip greens and tofu.

  11. Anonymous9:59 AM

    It gives strength to the teeth and bones of your body. The body uses calcium to give your bones the necessary strength and mass to hold up the many structures of the body

  12. nuts a good source of fiber and protein. they also contain calcium.

  13. Sripad10:02 AM

    Almonds contain more calcium than any other nut

  14. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Calcium is one of the most important minerals for the growth, maintenance, and reproduction of the human body. Calcium helps form and maintain healthy teeth and bones. Proper levels of calcium over a lifetime can help prevent osteoporosis.Calcium helps with blood clotting, nerve signaling, muscle contraction and relaxation, and the release of certain hormones. It is also needed for a normal heartbeat.

  15. CALCIUM Sources---milk,Green leafy vegetables,
    almonds, Brazil nuts, orange AND dried beans

  16. Dairy products like Milk, Curds, Cheese, Yoghurt, Green vegetables, Broccoli, fortified orange juice, Almonds, Drum sticks leaves, carrots, menthe leaves, Mint leaves and dried beans etc. Dried fish and eggs are also rich sources of this mineral.

  17. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Calcium prevents the devastating disease of osteoporosis. In this the bones become brittle and fragile. The bone density is reduced very much and bones get fractured even on a slight pressure. It is particularly seen in menopausal women due to calcium depletion in the body due to reduction of estrogen levels.

  18. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Vitamin K guarantees bone health, including lower risk of hip fracture and bone loss.As an added bonus, vitamin K also protects your heart. Studies have found that vitamin K cuts in half the risk of arterial calcification.


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