How to Do a Great Smokey Eye

It’s a Saturday morning and you just feel like playing with your makeup; the facecloth and makeup remover is close by. It’s time to have some fun with some color! Think about a special occasion that’s coming up, and get ready to Go Glam!

This first photo shows a beautiful golden hue for the base, paired with a deep jewel tone of eggplant (or purple) for the top layer. Pay attention to what tones pair best with your eye color, and have some fun with it!
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  1. Prime: Keep your lid dry and oil-free for the entire day and evening by first priming your eyelids. This eye shadow base will assist in letting the additional colors layer nicely. It will also help to avoid any “clumping” of shadow, and this will allow your admirers to focus on your artful eyes.
  2. Line: Once the base layer is all set, start with the upper eyelash line. Choose a liner color that complements your eyes and/or look that you’re going for, and be sure to make the line thicker at the midpoint of your eye. For this photo at the right, the artist was going for a gorgeous purple, but of course, you can use your standard black, brown, deep green, navy blue, or charcoal.
  3. Blend: For the bottom lash, apply the eyeliner, and then for the smokey effect, blend it with your finger or Qtip. Lightly apply a bit of shadow to this bottom lash line, as well.  You’re going to see the look starting to come together now. Sultry is the key! Have some fun, and play with the color combinations.
  4. Light: Now it’s time for the lighter shade to cover the entire lid, all the way up to the brow bone. Aim to keep the same amount on each eye,
  5. Dark: Starting at your upper lash line and working your way up to the crease, blend on the richer color of eye shadow. Use a brow brush to attain the most even application. For the perfect look, avoid going above the crease.
  6. Blend: Stand back, and even out the look. Get another set of eyes to inspect your beauty work!
  7. Ready for Mascara! Twice, Ladies. Twice!
How to Do a Great Smokey Eye - Beauty and Personal Grooming Pic 2
When you bring the dark shade too high up on the lid, it weighs the look down too much.
Avoid going above the crease, unless you’re truly going for a heavy, Goth look. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a makeup artist on your payroll? Alas. In another life, right? No worries; have some fun and take some time today or this weekend to master the Smokey Eye. It’s hot, hip, and always gorgeous! Have some fun girl-time with this great look; collect the gals for an evening of fun practice!  You all trust each other; provide both honest feedback – and enjoy a glass of wine and a catch up session!

Valerie J. Wilson is a freelance writer who enjoys writing articles about health and wellness, education, business, and how to find the best title insurance.

Photo Credit:  1, 2 (pumpkincat210)

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