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Eyes are indeed the most important and beautiful organ we have. What is world to us without our beautiful pair of eyes? All the knowledge, beauty, vision, sense, and sensibility are the functions of our eyes. We must take good care of our eyes lest they may fail you if you are lax.

Since eyes are our most beautiful assets, we must leave no stone unturned to keep them healthy. And why not flaunt this lovely pair each of which gleams with love or ire when somebody looks at them. Your eyes tell a lot about you and how you feel about others. To make them more expressive and emotive, you can do a great deal to groom them with good makeup skills and products.

The first step in enhancing the beauty of eyes is by making sure there are not prominent dark circles or wrinkles. Even if you have the prettiest eyes of all, dark circles make them look as ugly as a racoon. So, with appropriate use of under-eye cream and other anti-wrinkle measures like use of almond oil, evening primrose oil, and vitamin E-enriched capsules, you can keep these away from your eyes. Sleep well. When you have taken in enough sleep, your eyes look fresh, supple, and free from fine lines. Makeup goes well with such eyes.

Choose a kohl pencil for giving the lower lining of your eyes a perfect black definition. Some women are experimental with colours, so they try on brown or blue colours too. For the upper lining of your eyes, use an eye-liner that doesn’t spill or smudge. You don’t want to look like someone’s beaten and bruised your eyes. Do you? If you aren’t neat with the application part, use a solid pencil rather than a liquid liner.

Eyelashes are a lovely way to sweep the people with the beauty of your eyes. Use rich mascara like Maybelline mascara, Rimmel, or L’OrĂ©al to add volume to your lashes. Many women look for big, almond-shaped eyes. If you aren’t blessed with big eyes but rather have small ones, with long eyelashes, you can make them look really impactful and fierce. A catty-eye effect can be given to your eyes with long lashes and curved lower and upper eyeliner makeup.


Eye makeup has the ability to make you look like a strong and courageous women even if you are a timid-hearted doormat. Now, this is no exaggeration. People judge you on the basis of your eye expression a lot. So, pick up that brush, swish it into the mascara, and go on with sweeping touches to your eyelashes. Maybelline mascara offers 7 times more volume to your eyelashes.

In order to apply mascara, use a brush that applies the mascara or the liner with a smooth finish without clumping. Clumped eyelashes look ugly and unkempt. Each of your eyelashes must stand out as a separate strand to look jet black and gorgeous in the true sense. You need to attract people not scare them away! The Maybelline mascara eyelash volumizer just does that.

If you need a shimmery, glimmer eye look for wedding or party, you may try eye shadows for that glamorous effect. If you are planning to wear a black dress but need some shine in your makeup, use grey eye shadows with shimmering effect. You may line your eyelids with a combination of grey eye shadows fading away into a black sweeping effect. You look brutally stunning even if your dress is plain black with no frills and accessories. You look like a diva with minimal makeup.


Eye makeup has the power to make you look beautiful with the least tools. So, if you are a busy woman who is always on the go or if you aren’t that skilled at DIY makeup, going for these basic eye makeup tricks will help you bring out the beauty within your with the least hassles.

A word of caution while choosing products of eye makeup is that they shouldn’t be too heavy for your yes. The other day I had bought an eye shadow, and it hurt like hell after I had applied it on my eyelids. Choose organic makeup brands as they nourish your skin and do not harm your eyes. Nevertheless, you need to take care while applying eye makeup as your eyes are the most sensitive part of your body. Remove eye makeup carefully and completely.

Bio: Christine is a writer and loves to try out new beauty and make up products. She believes in few brands namely L’Oreal, Maybelline, Rimmel and also advice people to try them out.

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    Eye shadow can also play an important factor
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