How Plastic Surgery has Become the Latest Beauty Trend

With the constant pressure from society to always look your best, it can be hard when you feel as though your appearance is not up to today’s standards. Dieting and exercising just are not enough to make the big change you want sometimes, so what else can you do? Lately, plastic surgery has become relatively ubiquitous, as more and more people are going under the knife to improve how they look.

While you might be familiar with nose jobs and breast augmentation, there are various other, smaller procedures out there as well, and they aren’t limited by gender or by age group. Read on to find out about how plastic surgery has become the latest beauty trend.

Plastic Surgery History, Not as New as you may think
Plastic surgery has been popular for centuries, but has only become increasingly popular in recent times. In the 1800s, doctors performed plastic surgery on patients to correct birth defects, like cleft palates, and they began refining procedures like bone grafts to help disfigured patients regain their former appearances.
In the years following World War I, several physicians started to develop corrective surgeries for soldiers who returned from war with facial damage, and reconstructive surgeries to help those who suffered from burns and other issues. This idea caught on and became more widespread, known as the study of Medical Aesthetics.

Medical Aesthetics
Medical Aesthetics represented a new branch of medical procedure meant for enhancing one’s appearance through surgical procedures. Many of the operations and processes today, like Botox injections, are meant to help people keep their normal appearance, prevent visible signs of aging, or help people obtain a physical standard of beauty that they see as ideal.

Plastic surgery has become much more accessible in recent years, whereas it was once much more expensive and harder to obtain. Advancements in surgical technologies and a more widespread understanding of the latest procedures have resulted in increased accessibility to plastic surgery procedures.

Plastic Surgery and the American People
On average, Americans undergo about 15 million plastic surgery procedures per year. Some of the most common include rhinoplasty (nose jobs), breast augmentation (implants or reductions), abdominoplasty (tummy tucks), liposuction, and rhytidectomy (face lifts). These are procedures that involve hospital stays and long recovery times, and are usually much more serious than other procedures because they require anesthesia. Visit online for more details.

Easier, same-day plastic surgeries include Botox injections, lip enlargement, chemical peels, and other injections of different fillers to change the look of a person’s face. These procedures are cheaper than the more difficult surgeries and can instantly change someone’s appearance without any healing time. Their instantaneous nature and cheaper cost make them the preferred form of plastic surgery for many people.

Think Twice Before You Undergo the Knife
While it can be comforting to know that there are procedures available that are more easily obtainable, there is a darker side to the growing obsession with plastic surgery. When people are constantly faced with the media’s projections of unachievable appearances, they start to internalize them and feel they absolutely must try to obtain what they see as ideal.

This obsession with plastic surgery can actually manifest itself as a psychological disorder, known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder, in which a person continually sees imperfections with his or her appearance and continually undergoes plastic surgery procedures to try and correct them. It is believed that 2% of the U.S. population suffers from this condition, and it is unknown exactly how to treat it. When plastic surgery is refused, BDD sufferers will often attempt to perform surgery on themselves with household items, risking
their lives.


However you view the current influx of plastic surgery, it is something that, at least for the time being, is here to stay. It’s interesting to see how surgeries that were once medical necessities have been adapted into fuelling what some people would see as excessive vanity or undue fear of aging.

Plastic surgery can undoubtedly give a person that extra boost he or she needs for increased self-esteem, but the danger lies in fostering and giving in to a growing obsession with undergoing many procedures time after time and failing to look at valuable internal characteristics. It might not hurt to embrace plastic surgery, even though beauty is only skin deep as they say, as it seems like this is one trend that might be here to stay.

(Guest Post by Peter Smith)

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  1. Plastic surgery has been really helpful in over covering up various scars in the body. Scars that are caused in major accidents can be easily covered up the help of a minor surgical procedure. This gives a huge boost to the confidence of the people and it is said that it helps in speeding up the recovery process

  2. Vijayalaxmi3:29 PM

    Plastic surgery if done correctly can do wonders for you.


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