6 Confidence Tricks for Pregnancy Blues Days

Being pregnant is a wonderful, fulfilling, enriching experience. However, some days you feel tearful and blue, no matter how much you love and want your baby. Not even your partner’s cuddles can make it a little bit better.

Some women suffer from depression during pregnancy. If that’s the case, you might need to seek for some expert advice. If instead you’re just having some pregnancy blues, it’s probably all the hormones’ fault and it’s all good, you’re going to be all right.

pregnancy blues
When you feel weepy and helpless, try these six confidence tricks that will empower you and help you getting on with the day.

1 Hang Out With the People You Love
When you feel sad and… not-so-beautiful, you need some support. Call up your best friends or you mum and auntie and get them to come over. Tell them how you feel and open up a little – they will look after you and remind you how awesome and beautiful you are. You just need to hear it one more time.
And once you’re all embarrassed and shy about the stream of compliments you receive, maybe you can get your guests to do your make up to remember what you look like when you’ve not cried for two hours in a row and have been in your PJs all day.

2 Go For a Walk (Or a Swim, Or a Yoga Class)
Yes, if it’s one of those days, of course you don’t really feel like getting out of the house and show your very-pregnant-self to the world. But that’s exactly what you need to do to sort yourself out.
pregnancy yoga exercise
Just don’t think, do it! Physical activity helps you keeping positive and freeing your mind. It can also put you in touch with your soul, which is something you might need on a pregnancy blues day.

3 Treat Yourself Sometimes there’s nothing better than a little treat, be it a dinner out with your man, a back massage at the spa, or a new haircut. Do something that makes you feel good and don’t feel guilty about it – you deserve it.
Carrying a baby, especially in the last trimester, can be tiresome and stressful. So you need to look after yourself and feel satisfied.

4 Do Something New
You might have fears regarding the future, or have low confidence in your ability to cope with a new-born on a pregnancy blues day. And what’s better than finding an engaging distraction to get away from all that pressure?
reading book while pregnant
Do something different, try out that thing you really wanted to experiment - now. Not only will you be too busy to think of all those scary things, but also you will regain confidence and feel empowered by succeeding in something new.

5 Try Some Homemade Music Therapy
There are plenty of songs that celebrate what beautiful and amazing individuals we all are. Make a playlist, or go on YouTube, and sing along truly believing in those words while you enounce them.
pregnant woman listening to music
Happy music can really help to make a difference to our day and some self-conviction is always good, because we simply forget how wonderful we are and need to remind ourselves sometimes.

6 Use Your Imagination
Think of someone who represents a role model in relation of the situation you are coping with. Can’t think of anyone? Then think of how your ideal self would act, if you weren’t scared of failure and felt terrible about your pregnancy bump (or acne, or dark circles).

What would you do then? How would you act? Just imagine it and… do it! Act as if you were confident and nothing was wrong with your life, because… face it, it’s really not as dreadful as it might seem right now.

Remember: every little thing is gonna be all right and you are a fantastic human being, so you will make it happen.

Elena Manighetti blogs for Courthouse Clinics, the leading UK-based cosmetic chain committed to make people feel better about themselves.

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  1. Sarika2:51 PM

    Use uplifting music.

  2. Use Guided Meditation.

  3. Vidya2:54 PM


  4. Amruta2:55 PM

    Face a fear

  5. Bhairavi2:56 PM

    Create something.Creating something is a wonderful . when you’re done you not only feel good about yourself. Sometimes you discover new, previously unknown parts of yourself. Being creative is good a way to get to know yourself and your hidden capabilities.

  6. Champa2:57 PM

    One effective way to change yourself is to change your environment to match the person you want to become.

  7. Jamuna2:58 PM

    Awash yourself in positive memories.


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