Enjoying summer with Oh-So-Cool Linen

Sometimes, nothing feels worse than being unable to cool off during a sweltering summer day. Try as they might, maybe that air conditioner and iced tea just aren’t doing the job. It’s time to take a look at what you’re wearing; hot clothing might be the culprit that’s leaving you so uncomfortable when you should be out enjoying the sun. Looking for something lightweight that’ll let you keep your cool when the weather heats up? Turn to linen to amp up your fashion consciousness and maintain your comfort level in the process.

Extracted from a Plant
Linen is a type of woven fabric that is made from fibers of the flax plant. It is very smooth, and therefore doesn’t attract lint. It generally feels very cool to the touch as well. Although it does not offer much in the way of stretch, its all-natural qualities mean that the absence of synthetic fabrics will do more to help keep you cool. Since it is naturally a somewhat-stiff fabric as well, it won’t cling to your body but instead hang away from it.


This also means that if it does get wet, it will dry out much faster because of the increased airflow. The stiff nature also means that it will skim any “problem areas” you might not want to highlight, giving you a much more flattering appearance.

Linen is also very durable, and since it is made from plant fibers it will not attract moths or other fabric-devouring insects. It requires a little more care than your typical cotton garments, but a little extra attention when cleaning linen will ensure that your clothing will last much longer than other fabrics. It even helps wick away perspiration on your skin.

The woven pattern of linen actually deflects heat away from the wearer and does not trap dirt. A person wearing linen clothing actually sweats up to two times less than someone wearing cotton. The fabric even has antibacterial properties! This is all very good news if you’re considering adding some linen items to your closet, but where should you start?

Well Worth the Cost
Once you’ve decided to add some cooling linen pieces to your closet, you might not know how to navigate the new sartorial waters you’re entering. You should be prepared to make a little bit of an investment.

Linen is a little more costly than other fabrics, but this should be expected considering all of its wonderful properties. Just know that you’ll probably end up shelling out a little more cash for your linen garb, but realize that over time it will be more cost-effective to maintain the same linen year after year than it will be to have to purchase new cotton clothing every season. Check the site volgalinen.co.uk for more linen fabric collection.

The Perfect Style
Style-wise, most linen clothing on the market today tends to come in loosely fitting styles with wider cuts. This is to help with airflow, but also because linen tends to shrink during the first few washes. Be sure to size up if you are worried about shrinkage; it defeats the purpose of wearing linen when the fabric is constricting you and restricting airflow.

Try a linen tank top and some linen shorts if you’d like to get a little sun. Long shirtsleeves and pant legs on linen clothing will still keep you cool if you don’t want to expose your limbs, and linen is very UV-resistant so it can help protect you from getting sunburn.

If you do decide to invest in some linen clothing, it would be prudent to purchase an iron as well. One of the only downsides to this fabric is that it wrinkles easily, but that can quickly be remedied with a quick swipe of a clothes iron.

There are so many wonderful things about linen. It is the perfect summertime fabric: cool, flattering, and classy. It looks good and feels even better. Linen has the potential to update your wardrobe, save you money in the long run, and last a lifetime, so think about investing in some classic pieces for the coming summer months. You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll never need to worry about suffering in that scorching summer heat again.

(Guest Post by Jason)

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  1. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Linen palazzos look great when teamed with waistcoats and silk tanks, while linen tunics can be worn with silk scarves or silk pajamas.
    With the right kind of accessories, the classic, no frills linen silhouette can be completely transformed to something unconventional

  2. If you invest in a solid coloured sheath linen dress, there's a lot you can do with it. Wear a strand of pearls and glossy leather pumps. Apart from office, party or picnic, it can be the perfect go-to outfit, when you don't know your event or audience!


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