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The hair on your head should be treated with love and respect, after all, it can be years old in some cases. However, with day to day environmental factors it can be hard to keep your hair in tip top condition. Here are eight tips to get your hair back on track again if it needs a little bit of TLC.
Don’t over-wash
Many people have this idea that their hair needs to be washed every day to keep it clean. Unless you work in a particularly grimy job, or have exceptionally greasy hair, there is no need to wash your hair more than three of four times a week. Over washing can strip the hair of its natural oils and leave it prone to breakage, dullness and even scalp conditions such as dandruff.

Have regular trims
This is one of the most important rules when it comes to having beautiful, healthy hair. Every six weeks the very ends of your hair should be cut off to make way for new, healthier hair. Any split ends you have can travel up the shaft if left for long enough and cause breakage further up. If you are trying to grow your hair this is imperative.

Take a break from the heat
This means any hot hair appliance you own, including your beloved hairdryer. Heat dries the hair out leaving it delicate and unhealthy causing split ends and breakage. Every few days you should let your hair dry naturally to avoid it from getting more and more unhealthy and if you are unhappy with your hair in its natural state simply tie it up. If you have to use your appliances regularly, look for ones which are kinder to your hair, there is a huge market of them out there now and avoid super hot straightening irons which will simply frazzle your hair.

Use of heat protector
On the days you absolutely have to use your heated appliances, the next best thing you can do for your hair is to protect it by using a heat protector spray. There are dozens out there to choose from and try and buy one which is not only a protector but also a leave in conditioner too. Be generous when you spray it, especially on the ends but be careful on your roots as you don’t want to make them greasy.

Condition regularly
After a long day it can seem like a chore to wash your hair and then have to condition it, leaving it on for a few minutes so it can work its magic. However, if you do leave it out your hair will not thank you and you will notice very quickly that conditioner is a very important part of your routine. Hair will become dry, split at the ends and very flyaway, especially if you use hot appliances on it. Also, don’t think a heat protector/condition is enough, you still need to condition it in the shower beforehand.

Don’t use elastic bands to tie it back
If you run out of hair bands or scrunchies do not resort to the elastic band jar! Elastic bands cause your hair to stretch, tangle and break as they are not made to be used with something so delicate. Only use bands specially designed for hair and replace them regularly if they are looking worn.

Don’t over bleach
When younger, we all have a tendency to experiment with hair colour and while darker colours and more gentle dyes can be ok, bleaching hair is always very damaging, especially all over the head. If you want to go lighter with bleach, speak to your hairdresser about other options or choose highlights over an all over colour.

Eat well
This goes without saying but is also worth mentioning. Fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats are all packed full of nutrients, perfect for strong healthy, shiny hair. If you follow a healthy diet your hair should automatically thank you for this. Foods high in healthy fats such as avocado and olive oil are some of the best you can eat for hair and skin.

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  1. Kavita2:23 PM

    I use one called pro naturals Moroccan argan oil hair mask, it’s very moisturizing and it makes your hair really healthy. Also, get regular trims to prevent split ends and encourage healthy growth.

  2. Parvati2:24 PM

    Eat protein foods like eggs, nuts.
    massage your scalp every night and drink enough water a day. You can take vitamin E supplements for healthy skin, hair and nails or vitamin B12 which is important for hair growth.

  3. Massage it into the the roots and tips, as well as the rest of your hair.

  4. Suniti2:27 PM

    Use castor oil, greatly help hair grow

  5. Nisha2:35 PM

    to increase growth speed, eat more protein, less sugar and try massaging your scalp

  6. I tried this too but couldn't get the best output, after reading your tips I'll try to do again. Cheers


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