A shelf as a nail polish organiser

Nail polishes have always been the most interesting part of the make up. When women paint their nails it can save a combination they are wearing, or destroy one. Nails may be small but they are visible and very important part of fashion.

The great thing about nail polishes is that there is a great offer in colors, shades, effects and even in care. That is why almost every woman has a collection of nail polishes, and not just few, but more than 30 or 50 pieces.

The problem with this amount of nail polishes is their organization. The perfect solution it would be to put them somewhere you can see them and pick easily the one you want to wear today and that is a nail polish organizer.
Nail PolishOrganizerRack

The nail polish organizer you can do yourself, with the help of your friends or boyfriend/ husband, because there will be some drilling. Basic do it yourself nail polish organizer is actually a shelf on the wall.

Depending on how much nail polishes do you have, the shelf will be bigger. It doesn't have to be too big, you can organize it in a couple of levels. So, what you need for this do it yourself nail polish organizer?

You need a four or five boards, which are 2 to 5 inches wide, just enough to put your nail polishes on, and they won't fall. You can put every board on top of another with about 5 to 7 inches high from one to another, enough for you to easily take the nail polish you want.

When you decide on the dimension and distance of every board, you can ask your loved ones to drill it in the wall, or you can do it yourself. For more variety in design, you can add a frame to your shelf, so the boards are closed in a frame, or you can let them be just the way they are.

If you are afraid your nail polishes will fall, you can always put another board in front of them, but this board should be smaller so you can reach the nail polish without any problem. Different solution for the same problem is a string which you can attach to the wall and the board so it will look like a little fence, which can be adorable.

NailPolish Organizer Rack

For more creative souls, there are other solutions. You can paint something on the wall and use it as the background to your shelf, which will make it look even more impressive. There is also one great idea and that is to make more little boards and arrange them to make some shape, like a heart or circle.

If you have many shelves you can always paint every shelf in different color for more playful and colorful appearance, after all this shelf has nail polishes which are very colorful.

Wood is the most suitable material for DIY projects, but you can also use materials like aluminum, plastic but, for them you will probably need a help from an expert or you'll just buy the shelf you like in the store near you.

If you ever asked yourself what to do with those big piles of nail polishes you have, here are some great ideas and now it the perfect time to try this idea and finally organize your nail polishes so they can be in one place so everybody can see your great collection.

Ana is a student from Zagreb, capital of Croatia. She loves makeup like every other girl, but she also loves writing, so she joined those two thing and now she writing about makeup and everything related to makeup. She has a website about organization and that is Nail Polish Organizer.

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  1. That's actually such a great idea.

  2. Jamuna4:13 PM

    Tnx for sharing this amazing idea! Love it... definitely going to try this one time:)

  3. Ruchi4:16 PM

    you could use cardboard boxes. or pieces of wood

  4. Sahana4:18 PM

    BRILLIANT! I'm sooooo going to do this!

  5. Medini4:19 PM

    Thanks this was a gr8 help :)


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