How does Culture Influence Fashion?

You don’t have to be involved in the fashion industry to know that it’s very fast paced and constantly changing. Each season fashion designers and stylists have to be one step ahead of the trends, working out what their consumers and clients will want to wear day in and day out.

But how do they do this and how do they find their inspiration?
Usually it’s our individual personality that affects the way we dress, as choosing clothes we like to wear can help us to have that extra special ‘feel good’ factor.

But as fashion designers simply can’t understand each individual personality, they look to the media including TV, newspapers and magazines, theatre performances, film and past season fashion looks to determine their next biggest fashion move.

When there is hype surrounding a particular TV programme or even a new film release, it is easy for the public to get into a frenzy and start following a particular trend. Once a certain mood or look has attracted attention from a wider audience, it is easy for fashion designers and artists to jump on the bandwagon and use that inspiration to create an updated, new look.

You only need to take a look into a high-street store to see how much fashion influences our lives; often without some of us even realising! You may not think it; but the way we dress plays a huge factor as looking good makes us feel good; and many believe that first impressions always count.

Think about when you take a new direction in life and go for a job interview. One of the first things you will need to focus on is what you will wear to look smart, sophisticated and professional.


Fashion is also centred on people’s lifestyles and designers look at the way people travel, how we live, how we communicate and how we spend our time to determine if there is a need for a particular style or to determine what trends will be the most popular.

Even when there is a development or change in technology, the fashion world changes with it. As many factories improve their machinery, manufacturers are able to produce clothes of a much better quality by using different materials, techniques and practises.

Without these developments and craftsmanship, it is likely that the fashion world would come to a standstill; as there would be no new trends, styles or looks for those of us that are fashion and trend-focused.


Designers are not only influenced by modern technology and social media; many are also prompted by the simple things in life and find inspiration by studying the weather, drawings, photography, paintings, food, poetry, as well as other forms of creative activity.

As the world is full of unique individuals, the fashion world has a broad spectrum of people to accommodate, which means designers can continue to be original and imaginative whilst using popular culture and scenarios from everyday life to enhance their work in fashion.

Designers will use what they see visually and what they do on a daily basis as key forms of inspiration, so next time you are stood at the bus stop or heading for a walk, take a look around and see what you can come up with!

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