Goodbye Panda Eyes...Hello Gorgeous Eyes!

It has been estimated that approximately 125 million people worldwide wear contact lenses.  With that in mind coupled with the complexity of our eyes, it is time to take note and ensure that we are looking after our eye health as best we can, to ensure that we retain good vision throughout our lives.  Furthermore, whilst many people opt for contact lenses over glasses, this can make applying make-up more challenging.  With these quick, simple and practical tips you can say goodbye to streaming, watery, bloodshot panda eyes forever.


Contacts before makeup

The general rule of thumb with contact lenses and makeup is to put your contacts in before applying make-up.  When it comes to hairspray, always apply this before your lenses.  If you forget, make sure you keep your eyes closed whilst using it in order to stop the toxic fumes from making your eyes water.

Hygiene is key

Always apply your lenses with thoroughly washed hands to avoid cross-contamination.  By putting contacts in prior to applying your makeup, this hugely reduces the risk of infection.  Make sure you always wash your face before applying makeup.

Be product aware
beauty products 1
Look out for products which are either hypoallergenic or for sensitive eyes.  This will mean they are less likely to cause an allergic reaction and are generally considered a lot safer and less harsh on the skin.  It should also be noted that you should never share cosmetics as this can increase the risk of infections and irritations and be sure to replace your makeup frequently.  Also choose products which don’t flake as this will cause irritations to the eyes.

Proceed with caution
When applying makeup, do so with care - sounds obvious but roughly 25% of the patients that eye doctors see have make-up related issues!! Apply eyeliner and eye shadows gently so you don’t knock the lenses.  Also when it comes to eyeliner, avoid applying this to the inner lid, below the lash line as this can block tear glands, thus making eyes dry which in turn can lead to infection and sties.

Cream vs. Powder
When it comes to eye shadows, cream ones are better than powder varieties.  This is because they apply evenly to the skin and are easier to control, whilst the latter often produce excess dust which can get caught in your eyes.  The same applies to powders - choose pressed powders over loose ones to avoid getting any unwanted makeup in the eye area and always keep your eyes closed during application.

Avoid Voluminous Mascara
Lash-building and other volume-enhancing mascaras often contain added fibers which can flake into the eyes.  Avoid these at all costs to ensure your beautifying experience is just that - beautifying! Opt for water-resistant mascaras - these are not only smudge-proof but will create luscious lashes without the unwanted debris.

Lay the Foundations
For the rest of your face, choose water-based foundations.  This is because cream makeup can cause problems if it gets in the eyes whereas water-based, hypoallergenic liquid varieties are a lot a lighter and less likely to cause severe irritations if they get in your eyes.

Chic Cheeks
pink cheeks
Although contact lenses have no influence on the rest of your face, do not forget the rest of your facial features.  Ensure your face has a healthy glow with some blusher.  Available in a variety of shades, opt for a pinky hue if you have a pale, English Rose complexion or choose a bronzer if you have more olive skin.  Apply the blusher/bronzer with a brush and sweep over for the top of your cheeks to accentuate cheekbones and give the ultimate healthy glow.

Luscious Lips
luscious lips
For lips, best practice is to choose a colour which is a few shades deeper   than your natural lip colour.  If in doubt opt for pink or true as these highly versatile colours suits almost all skin tones. 

With these quick and easy tips, ensure that weepy eyes are the a thing of the past and that your contact lenses never come into contact (excuse the pun!) with your makeup again. 

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  1. Disha3:18 PM

    bronze smokey eye look. that will give you the sexy gorgeous look

  2. Ellen2:44 PM

    you should pick and experiment on what looks best with your complexion, and hair color, and eye color.


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