November 11, 2006

Cosmetic value of some pulses

Bengal gram (channa dal or besan):The flour of the unroasted Bengal gram (besan) is a very effective cleansing agent and its regular use, keeps the skin free from grime and dirt. It can be effectively used as a substitute for soap. A paste of gram flour and yoghurt applied to an acne prone skin is effective in drying off the pimples and lightening the scars. Washing hair with Bengal gram (besan) flour mixed with butter milk cleans the hair, conditions and softens it and is believed to promote hair growth.

Green gram (moong)The flour of green gram (moong) can also be used as an alternative to soap. Its cleansing property keeps the skin clean and fresh, without causing any irritation to the skin. Those who do not approve of using chemical bleaches can safely use a paste of green gram flour to which 2 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tsp of salt is added to bleach the color of their skin and for a glowing complexion.


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  1. Avatar9:38 AM

    I believe pulses are what we call legumes (basically types of beans high in protein)


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