Safety 101: Ways To Exercise For Teenagers

There will never be a better time to lose weight or increase muscle mass than in the teenage years, when metabolism is at an all-time high and your body's hormones are engineering a major growth shift each day. Yet if you are a teen (or you have a teen child) who wants to get into better shape, there are several steps that you should take in order to maximize your workouts' efficiency and minimize their risk. Since no humans on the planet take as many risks as teens, they are the most likely to become injured in the course of exercise, but several factors can greatly decrease the chance of harm.

Full-contact sports are an excellent way to stay in shape because they require every muscle in the body's exertion in order to overcome the force generated by a teammate or an opponent. Given that teen boys have a higher production rate of testosterone, furthermore, they are more likely to be competitive and physical with friends and on the playing field. All full-contact sports, however, run the risk of moderate or even severe injury if proper equipment is not utilized. In ice hockey, for instance, a major risk is not properly wearing your helmet strapped on tightly, since some prefer it loose to cool down the head and neck. Since ice is nearly as hard as concrete, however, wearing a loose helmet can result in the fractured bones and concussions. In any full-contact sport, wearing a mouth guard will limit the chance of damage to the brain by reducing the snap-back effect of the neck and head.


If getting hit hard is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of aerobic exercises that will burn off fat just as fast as playing football or lacrosse. Cardiovascular exercise has never been easier now that there are a number of machines that can be set up to work out on in any room. Elliptical machines and treadmills for home use, however, can be hazardous if not properly maintained and used. If the belt on a treadmill is not fixed, it can snap away and send someone flying off the track. Keeping the speed too high, will injure someone if they do not keep their focus on running—which is typical when trying to watch TV or talk on a cell phone while on a treadmill.

Lifting weights is a great way for any teen to improve their self-image and strength. Weight lifting runs several risks if proper form is not utilized, the most severe of which is straining a muscle group or throwing out your back. Ensure that your spine is always at vertical when you lift weights and that there is no stress upon any joints. Never overload your weights, and never increase the amount you lift by more than 10% each week. Whenever you lift, eat plenty of protein so that you will form muscle rather than depriving your body of the nutrients it needs to create muscle mass.

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  1. Subray3:33 PM

    Walk, bike or skate to and from school, if that's an option

  2. Rajeev3:34 PM

    go to the gym

  3. Create a new routine where you walk, inline skate or run every day when you get home from school or before dinner. If you don't want to exercise outside by yourself, ask your friends or a family member to go with you or use an exercise video in your own bedroom

  4. Nidhi3:35 PM

    Do some chores. Raking leaves or sweeping the driveway can actually burn calories while making your parents happy
    Take the dog for a long walk

  5. Mantra3:36 PM

    Swimming in a pool is good, jogging, running, weight lifting.

  6. Leela3:39 PM

    cardio and a good diet is the best way to go,
    i do 25mins of biking, 15mins of running, 30mins of w.e (pushups, situps, crunches, etc)
    along with a healthy diet i feel strong, healthy and im in shape :3
    try it out

  7. Hardik3:41 PM

    1. Drink water

    2. Eat regularly

    3. Eat lots of fibre

    4. Consume more good fats

    5. Get plenty of quality protein

    6. Carbohydrates can help you lose weight

    - Healthy life every day!


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