3 Easy Tips To Organize Your Lingerie

Nowadays, every woman has at least 5 different types of bras, and 7 different kinds of panties to go with each the days of the week, maybe.

You will often hear young women, especially teenage girls, complaining about not knowing how to organize their lingerie in a way that they don’t look for it all over the wardrobe when a simple white bra is needed.


When it comes to finding a place in your wardrobe for lingerie, it doesn’t actually matter if you have Hanro underwear, Victoria’s Secret bras or simple £5 panties.

I’m not talking about quality. It’s obvious that brand lingerie is superior to £5 stuff, but that’s not the point here. It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your lingerie; you still need to organize it properly.

In the next paragraphs you’ll find tips on how to arrange it so that you don’t waste time looking for your thongs anymore.


Tip 1. Sort Them In Categories

The best way to maintain order in your closet is to divide your clothes in piles. Choose a criterion and start sorting. First of all, pull all your underwear out of your wardrobe and take a look at it to see the big picture.

Do you have more bras of the same color? Maybe this would a good way to organize them.

 Are you starting to see a pattern on the way you wear your panties? You could sort things by how often you wear them (favorite, semi-frequent, once in a while).

The degree of sexiness would be an interesting criterion. If you have some naughty pieces in your closet, put them separately. You could also sort your underwear in lace and non-lace categories. It’s up to you.


Tip 2. Get Rid Of Some Pieces

Each of us has at least 3-4 underclothes that we don’t wear anymore. Throw away everything that’s worn out, discolored or has some other imperfection that determines you to never wear it again.

If you have some cotton pieces, you could turn them into dust rags. You would be surprised to see how efficient they could be.


Tip 3. Take A Look At What You Wear Often

By now you should have an overview of what you really like to wear and what you don’t. This is your guide for your future purchases.

If you are the kind of woman who doesn’t think twice before buying something, you are probably often wondering why on earth you spent money on something that you wore once or twice.

If you analyze what you tend to wear, you will know how to spend your money wisely, and you will also gain an insight on why you don’t wear particular pieces.

For instance, you bought a sexy red set from Hanro and you have never worn it, although the reason why you bought it in the first place was to add a new element to your sex life. Still, you have never done what you desired.

Maybe you feel insecure and are afraid that your husband may not think you are sexy. Ask why, and you’ll learn more about yourself.


If you want a neat closet, you need to throw away what you don’t wear anymore and to sort your lingerie in categories. See what you wear often to know what to buy in the future.

Tina is a fan of brand lingerie like Hanro or Victoria’s Secret and loves to help women choose the piece that best fits their style.

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