Can exercise make you younger?

You don’t have to pursue the Fountain of Youth with Ponce de Leon to help your body retain its natural formative years. In truth, the key lies in the act of regular exercise. Frequent activity and proper nutrition are key elements in maintaining a healthy body, thus improving longevity for your body, both physically and mentally.

                  Everyone is in search of the proverbial Fountain of Youth (Image Credits)

As many clearly understand, frequent exercise helps people live longer and more enjoyable lives. Basically, it decreases risk of illness and helps improves your antibody count, making you less susceptible to diseases of all forms. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer by keeping your body functioning properly- specifically your circulatory system and even your digestive system (yes, exercise does affect your intestinal functions).

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But what about physically younger?
While it may seem that your time here is limited, it is always possible to increase that amount. Remember, youth is not just a time period or limited by age, it is about how you feel and look that will ultimately decide your true age and what you can achieve.

For starters, exercise does make you feel younger. For those who regularly engage in activity, the characteristic of feeling more energized and more productive is a completely natural side effect. Your body functions properly and your consciousness feels better as a result. For many, cognitive thinking is improved, helping with reasoning and memory. Of course, feeling better about your body also has its benefits. When the mind feels great, the body feels great, allowing you to achieve more and endeavor to pursue your limits. What could be more youthful?


Elimination of toxins
Exercise also helps eliminate aging toxins that can reduce skin elasticity. We encounter toxins every day, often as easily as in the air that we breathe. Only through regular activity can our bodies properly eliminate these toxins, flushing them out of our lungs, muscles, and associated tissues.
Do these toxins affect you on the outside? Since many of these toxins affect how our bodies react, such as tissue health and metabolism, they definitely can affect how our bodies look on the outside. For many, weight loss might be a goal to shed off a few pounds, but maintaining a healthy weight will help keep the body’s subdivisions (joints, muscles, skin) from becoming stressed and breaking down prematurely. Regular activity is one of the key elements in preventing excessive weight-gain, and ultimately the key to keeping those unwanted pounds from returning.

How to keep active
While it may seem difficult to maintain an active lifestyle, incorporating group activities into your agenda can help keep you motivated. A fitness center can provide you with the opportunity to remain active, allowing you to interact with other like-minded individuals who also seek support and motivation from their associates.
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Youth will never last forever, but it is possible to make it last longer. Through regular activity and a little support when needed, you can help your body stay younger longer and in some cases, even return a few years to your body that you didn’t think you had in you.

Julie Kennington is the owner and operator of Drenched Fitness a fun, group focused fitness center with a ‘club like’ atmosphere in Westlake Village, California.  She and  the trainers at Drenched Fitness provide practical weight loss, get fit and get active tips each week on the Drenched Fitness Blog.

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  1. Savitri3:39 PM

    not specifically. Being healthy makes you look younger.

  2. Bhavya3:40 PM

    You continue to age no matter how much you exercise. You can be healthy, but you will continue to age.

  3. Kailas3:42 PM

    Toned body looks nicer then a flabby one :)

  4. Chaitra3:43 PM

    a healthy lifestyle which includes exercise will keep you looking younger.

  5. Anonymous3:43 PM

    heavier people tend to look younger because unlike thinner people, their weight tends to hide wrinkles. but this doesn't mean you shouldn't exercise! lol. just don't become so obsessed with exercise that you lose all your body fat and lose the elasticity in your face. it's underweight people who tend to look older, not fit people.

  6. Expert3:44 PM

    you will only look old if you exercise a lot, and don't eat enough. Because one of the first places you loose weight is in your face, so exercise, to stay healthy, and eat a lot(healthy) too!

  7. Nandan4:23 PM

    Exercise can indeed make you look younger, but there are other factors involved. Smoking will make you look older, as will too much sun.

    A person in shape will usually look better then someone who is overweight and out of shape


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