How to Get Long Romantic Curls

You Will Need:

Heat tamer spray or heat shield product
Flexible Hold Hairspray
1-2 inch Barrel Curling Iron
Bobby Pins

Preparing the Hair
curly hair(1)

For this favorite elegant look, you will either have to have long hair to start with, or a good set of clip in hair extensions.  For natural hair, this style works best if it hasn’t been washed immediately before, as it tends to hold the wave better. You will begin by combing out all the tangles, parting the hair as desired, and spritzing a good heat tamer spray or heat shield serum lightly from the middle of the length to the tips. Hair should never be exposed to a curling iron unprotected; plus tamer sprays and serums give the added benefit of extra shine.  After all of your hair has been sprayed, separate it into 4 sections, securing three of them with clips.


Curling the Hair
Starting with the section that you left down, separate a 1-1 ½ inch strand out from your head. Spray with one spritz of a good, flexible hold hairspray. S-Factor Vivacious Hairspray from tigi hair products is one that works well and won’t get stiff or sticky, which is especially helpful when styling with a curling iron. Then, rather than clamping the strand at the tip with the curling iron, starting toward the root, wrap the hair around the curling iron with the tips of your fingers, being careful not to burn yourself. After a few seconds, release the strand, allowing it to fall naturally. For bouncier and longer-lasting curls, twist the strand into a circular shape and secure it with a bobby pin. Repeat these steps with every strand, working your way from bottom to top, and trying to alternate the direction of the curls. When you are finished with one section, let down another section and continue on it. When you get to the sections toward the top of your head, the curls should be started three to four inches from the scalp.


Finishing the Style
Once you have curled all of the hair and secured it with bobby pins, you are almost finished. If you really want to make sure your curls last a long time, you can leave the bobby pins in for a couple of hours. When you are ready, simply slide them out and let the curl fall naturally, as you did when using the curling iron.  After the bobby pins have been removed, you can carefully rearrange some of the pieces of hair to your liking, but do not brush the curls. Give your entire hair the once over with your flexible hold hair spray, concentrating mainly on the ends, and you are ready to go.


Cynthia Williams is an expert beauty blogger and hair-stylist, who has developed her skills through years of experience, and with the help of specialized supplies like tigi hair products.
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  1. you can set your hair in plastic curlers, in damp hair, blow dry your hair briefly, let them cool and when you take the curlers out you'll have SOFT, ROMANTIC CURLS.

  2. Daina3:05 PM

    wash your hair and towel dry it, and then blow dry it and set it onto rollers (either velcro or heated, doesn't matter) for ten minutes. then take them out and they'll have left lovely curls

  3. romantic: a little more put together, but still a little messy.

  4. Anonymous3:07 PM

    the tighter you wrap your hair around the curling iron, the tighter the curls are, and vice versa. say you want curls like taylor swift, you would wrap the hair round the iron away from your face, tightly. and if you wanted big soft waves like blake lively, you could try getting a wider curling iron and wrapping it loosely. also if you leave the hair wrapped around for a long time the curls get tighter.

  5. I love curly hair. I wish I could born with such a natural curls. I hate to iron and make curls but curls are really suite for me. So I do whatever I can just to get curls.


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