5 Natural Treatments for Acne

Natural is the way to go when it comes to your delicate skin. All those chemicals and peels destroy the layers of your skin and end up giving your more issues in the future. Fight this by using natural ways to fight your acne problem. Best of all, you probably have the ingredients already in your home! Here are five ways you can treat acne naturally and effectively:

Honey – The easiest way to treat acne fast is with honey. Honey is full of antibacterial properties to help clear your completion. For a spot treatment dab on a bit of honey and cover with a bandage. Leave on overnight and by the morning the acne should be greatly reduced. For an allover treatment spread the honey across the affected area and then let sit for about thirty minutes before rinsing off. Do this three times a week and your acne should get better.

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Lemon – Lemon is very harsh on your skin because of the high acid content so do not overuse it or it may make your skin dry. This is a great treatment for severe acne however. Fresh lemon juice works best. Just apply the juice over the area and let it sit for fifteen minutes before rinsing off. You can apply the honey directly after for a one two punch to those pimples! Do not use more than twice a week for best results.

Towel Yes, you read that right. A towel. The best way to reduce breakouts and help current acne issues is to sleep with a freshly washed towel covering your pillow. The towel will help to absorb oils during the night and keep your face free of dirt and bacteria that could be present on your pillows. Be sure to wash your face well before lying down, try not to touch your face, and if you can do not put any moisturizer or other products on your face before you go to sleep. That way your pores have a chance to breathe and the towel can absorb the natural oils without impediment. Be sure to get a fresh towel every night.

Eggs – Both the egg whites and egg yolks have great skin rejuvenating properties. For best effect, take two eggs and separate the white from the yolks. Beat the egg whites gently until they are lightly foamy, then spread the egg white over your face and let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes. The egg white helps to remove oils. After you rinse it off follow with the egg yolks. Mix them together until smooth and then apply to your face. Let it harden and then sit on your face for fifteen to twenty minutes before rinsing off. The nutrients in egg yolks help to regulate skin cell growth, prevent pores from becoming clogged, and regulate oil and bacteria production. This treatment can be used twice a week.

Brown Sugar –This easy face scrub is great for smoothing skin and helping to reduce acne. When you are in the shower and your pores are open from the warmth, scrub your face with brown sugar. Not only does it help to clean out pores but it also softens your skin. For best acne fighting effects use the lemon treatment directly afterwards. This scrub should only be used two or three times a month though because if it is overused it can cause overproduction of oil.

Hopefully these five natural acne treatment solutions will work for you. I know how hard it is to love with bad acne. Go the natural route and avoid harsh chemicals while still treating breakouts with these five easy and affordable remedies that anyone can use.

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  1. I've heard that honey works wonders for the skin but I didn't know it was used to treat acne. About the towel on the pillow, you could do that or you could just change your pillow case every so often. That will keep the bacteria from building up. Thank you for the tips, Sara!

  2. I have used honey and avocado before but not eggs and brown sugar to get rid of acne. Thanks Sara for your blog.

  3. Many people want to use such kind of natural treatments because these are safer and doesn't have any kind of side effects, i always appreciate the authors of such posts who bring this kind of information to us which is really helpful.


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