3 Important factors that could be keeping you from beautiful skin and hair

How to Have Youthful Skin and Hair There are many ways to produce beautiful skin and hair, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle will create a radiant appearance from the inside out, which can then be enhanced with the best hair products. Reducing stress, getting proper exercise and eating healthy all work together to give hair a healthy, bouncy shine and skin that glows.

The media is filled with advertisements to look “youthful and age-less,” and the US population alone spends over $40 billion dollars per year in the beauty industry. Typically, skin and hair gets out of condition, and dry skin and damaged hair has to be masked. During the day, when you compromise too much by eating preservative-filled foods and exposing yourself to strong UV rays, your skin and hair suffers because they are on the front lines, so to speak.

Hair Health Begins at the Roots Both men and women attempt to conceal dry hair and blotchy skin with cosmetics, so improving the inner you is the answer. For the most part, the hair on the outside of the head is dead. The hair below the scalp is the vibrant part of the hair shaft, and as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the live roots are fed the nutrients they need. When the scalp does not get enough nutrients, hair gets dry and frizzy, and often breaks. Hair should be resilient from the inside out.

Beauty is More Than Just Skin Deep Flawless skin also originates below the surface. There are seven layers of skin covering the human body, but it is the top layer, or the epidermis, that makeup is applied to and that gets sunburnt. There are thousands of products for the outer layer, but still the dead cells are destined to flake off, so to maintain healthy skin, it must be nourished from the six layers underneath.

The properties of the epidermis indicate how the dermis is being nourished. If the top layer is blotchy, discolored and dry, the underlying layers need nourishment.

When you are not getting enough sleep, the best hair products and skin lotions on the market only cover the dark circles and lackluster hair. Men and women ultimately want to create a vital and vivacious appearance that draws people. And, as the saying goes, “When you feel good, you look good.”

Establish Priorities Before Life Gets Out of Control The majority of the population lives too fast and is too stressed the majority of the time and then they are forced to take short-cuts to make it throughout the day. Priorities should be established so that you don’t get knocked off your game with compromise. Seemingly small things, like waking up late, not taking lunch breaks, not eating healthy dinners, working overtime, staying up all night, and eating fast food can compound the problems that you are trying to solve. A rested, vibrant lifestyle has to come first.

Most people can handle two or three of these stress indicators, but when they hit at once or become the routine instead of the exception, then your system eventually revolts. Since hair and skin are in plain eyesight of the world, they reveal how your body is being nourished. If hair is lifeless and extra dry or oily, and skin looks opaque and devoid of natural coloring, then you are neglecting your true inner self, and your life spirit cannot shine through.

1.    Creating a Healthy Lifestyle with Water The solution to soft, manageable hair and radiant skin is excellent circulation, and one of the easiest ways to stimulate your system is to keep hydrated. Drinking water eliminates toxins and sends life-giving properties into every cell in the body. When the body gets dehydrated, cells “dry up,” and the chemicals and preservatives that have been collected from the environment are trapped, and this causes tremendous damage.

An easy way to remember how much to drink is “8x8” or eight ounces of water, eight times a day. All water is good, even most tap water, but if you want to do your body a favor, try vitamin water occasionally. It will give your system an extra boost of vitamins!

2.   Nutrients Beneficial for Skin and Hair Making small changes toward a healthier lifestyle is accomplished by replacing an old habit with a healthy one. Fast food, junk food and most foods that contain more chemicals and preservatives than real food is a great place to start. Instead have clean, whole foods, packed with vitamins and nutrients. Hair and skin thrive on protein and vitamins A, C and E.
•    Vitamin A produces sebum, which gives hair moisture.
•    Vitamin C prevents hair loss and encourages the immune system, which fights free radicals and other toxins.
•    Vitamin E promotes circulation in the body and the scalp.
•    Assorted fruits and vegetables add a variety of nutrients that support hair growth and skin elasticity.
•    Beef, salmon, eggs or egg whites, bacon, brown rice and cottage cheese are foods that are extremely beneficial for hair growth. Add these into your daily meals, and within a short time, the mirror should reflect the improved way your hair and skin are looking.

Strive towards eating protein in every meal. Not only does every cell in the body consist of protein, but it allows you to feel more satisfied though out the day, and that could mean an added benefit of losing weight.

3.    Keep the Peace - Live Stress-Free A high-stress lifestyle is not good for anybody, and since stress is here to stay, it’s time to discover ways to lower your stress level and be healthier. Most people have to deal with stress on a daily basis, whether it comes from the workplace, traffic, relationship issues or finances, stress sneaks in from the areas that are under pressure. Before you know it, your life is a constant headache.

Taking positive solutions allows you to slow down and make better decisions. By focusing on the positive side of the issue, you can change your perspective and grab a hold of what you thought you lost. Some of the best decisions are made when you simply remove yourself from the situation for a time, and let the right answer emerge.

Take a walk, and shake off some of those accumulated stressors. Becoming involved in some kind of exercise everyday is a wonderful way to clear your mind and emotions, and be more peaceful. In that state of mind, stress can be managed.
Find moments of peace throughout the day that give your system a chance to reboot and run like it was made to. This will allow the scalp and skin to relax and absorb the vitamins and minerals you are giving it. Stress robs the nutrients from the very tissues that you are trying to support.

Best Hair Products Improving your lifestyle is the primary secret to ensuring that hair and skin remain healthy. Trim the dead ends off of your hair every six weeks, use the best hair products, and you’ll see amazing results.

Living a healthy lifestyle and using the best hair products, which are ultimately your favorites, will enhance your natural characteristics, and the results will be stunning. Your skin will be more radiant, and your eyes will get their sparkle back again. Dry, unmanageable hair will be replaced with softer, bouncy, healthy hair. Get familiar with the best hair products, so you will look and feel your best everyday.

Marcela De Vivo is a full time mom that enjoys writing about and promoting healthy lifestyles in her spare time.

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  1. When I was a kid I had such a nice hair but I guess not it has faded. I eat lots of salmons and egg to protect my hair these days. And I guess now it’s growing perfectly. I really want to care my hair in natural ways rather than using any chemicals. This article helps me a lot for my lots of questions you have done a great job.

  2. Expert2:56 PM

    Using avocado as a beauty fruit supports and encourages beautiful skin and hair

  3. Anonymous2:59 PM

    Get a professional facial to deep cleanse your skin and review your product choices at least four times a year, as the seasons change. Every four to six weeks is ideal.

  4. Kalpana2:59 PM

    Very informative article.

  5. Saloni3:00 PM

    The sun can do a lot of skin damage, especially as you age.

  6. Manisha3:02 PM

    drink lots of water at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day. Fresh juices and even buttermilk is good to keep you fit and healthy

  7. Vidya3:03 PM

    Always apply body lotion on your skin after having bath all over your body. It keeps your skin smooth and keeps the skin tone even.

  8. Sandya3:04 PM

    Always sleep after cleaning your skin by removing your make up. Baby lotion or baby oil is good make up remover and can be used even to remove eye make up.

  9. Wonderful site and I wanted to post a note to let you know, ""Good job""! I’m glad I found this blog. Brilliant and wonderful job ! Your blog site has presented me most of the strategies which I like. Thanks for sharing this.


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