How to get flawless skin in winter and which are the best makeup tips

The onset of winter brings along many skin related issues for many women. It is a season when our skin is more prone to damage. Skin requires more pampering and care in the winters. It is more likely to dry up because of adverse weather conditions. It is all the more important to moisturize and  keep your skin healthy if you wish to look stunning in the winters. It is necessary to keep your skin hydrated all the time. Skin experts believe that a flawless skin is the result of an individuals diet intake and water intake. The food items which you include in your diet and the amount of water content taken in a day highly affects the texture of your skin. You can maintain a flawless skin all throughout the winters by bearing in mind some small tips that can be used in your day to day life. Here are some basic tips for a flawless skin.

flawles skin
  • You must follow a three step skin cleaning treatment in order to have a flawless skin. They are cleansing, toning and scrubbing. This should be followed irrespective of the climatic changes.
  • Select a right type of shower gel or body wash for the winters. Do not forget to keep in mind your skin type before you buy any product.

  • Exfoliate your skin with some almond oil every day. Massage your body with any oil that suits your skin type. It will regulate the blood circulation in your body which   results in a healthy and glowing skin.

  • Although, scrubbing is not a good idea for the winters you can go for mild scrubs that will remove the layer of dry skin from your body.

  • Apply moisturizer thrice a day. It is extremely important to moisturize your skin after you take bath in the winters.

  • Use a good chap stick or a lip balm to prevent your lips from chapping in the winters.
Many of us cannot do without makeup. It has become a part and parcel of our daily routine. However, it is important to keep in mind the weather conditions while you apply any kind of makeup. Winter is the time when makeup brands launches their autumn-winter collection. These products are customized as per the skin requirement in the winters. Let me share with you some winter makeup tips.

  • A foundation or a primer is very important if you wish to have a radiant skin in the winters. It creates a uniform texture for the makeup that is to be applied on the skin. It is advisable to go for a cream-based foundation.

  • Glorify your eyes this winter by smudging the eyeliner over the eye lid giving it a Smokey look. Smokey eyes are trendy and classy for the winters. If you wish to go colorful then you can apply a water blue or a bottle-green eyeshadow. It will emphasize your eyes.

  • Do not concentrate more on the cheeks. Leave them shaded in a light pink cream blush.

  • In the winters, one can choose to leave their lips nude or apply any of the light shades of pink lipstick. But there are some who prefer to go bold and beautiful. If you are one of them then you can go for lip shades like gorgeous bold red, deep burgundy, chocolates with glossy shine and dark wines.
Do not forget to implement the aforementioned tips if you want to have a radiant skin forever. Use the autumn-winter makeup tips in order to be the center of attraction for the masses. Go bold and look stunning this winter!

These ideas for makeup will help you in looking radiant and glowing this winter.

Author Bio: I am Aja Levis, a freelancer finance consultant. I love writing on recent trends whether it finance or fashion or beauty.

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  1. Vinaya4:00 PM

    Drinking lots of water helps. Many people might not know this but drinking water not only helps clear your skin but also keeps weight in check. The science behind this is that water cleanses internal toxins and this in turn triggers a good balance of chemicals inside your body.

  2. Champa4:02 PM

    Just wash your face daily and stop eating junk food.

  3. Durga4:03 PM

    Drink lots of water, destress and sleep well, and use a decent face wash morning and night, and remember to moisturize lightly afterwards.

  4. WATER WATER WATER, and PURE water

  5. Disha4:12 PM

    cute purples and blues work for day time Eye liner and eye shadows. stick to nude lipsticks(specially during the day).


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